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Everything Lady Musgrave Island Has To Offer


With 3,000 acres of living reef and illuminating blue waters, Lady Musgrave Island is one of the most majestic places in the world. Situated on the southern end of the Great Barrier Reef, the island is just off the coast of Bundaberg and the town of 1770. Teeming with an abundance of birdlife above land, and tremendous marine life underneath the blue waters, Lady Musgrave offers everything from snorkelling to camping. With the Lady Musgrave Experience you can experience breath-taking tours, cruises, and diving tours, walks around the island and more.

Being one of the only islands along the Great Barrier Reef where you can swim, snorkel, dive and camp, this location is an absolutely unique experience. Just one hour north of 1770 by boat, there are a number of tours you can take over to the island depending on your ideal activities.

lady musgrave island cruises
The Great Barrier Reef


Lady Musgrave Island Tours

Schedule in a guided Lady Musgrave Island tour with the Lady Musgrave Experience. Explore the island coasts and immerse yourself in the island wildlife. Home to over 1200 varieties of fish, 200 species of soft and hard coral, along with 50 varieties of birds, the Lady Musgrave Island is completely unique to the Great Barrier Reef. Whether you’re interested in a day trip to walk on the island, watch the whales play and swim during mating season, or want to float through the electric blue waters of the lagoon, you can find it here.

Things To See & Do

  • Go snorkelling through the lagoon
  • Explore the deep blue with a Scuba dive
  • Get up close and personal with the great 8
  • Take a ride on the glass-bottom boat experience
  • Birdwatch through the island foliage
  • Watch whales wave and play the ocean waters
  • Camp out on the secluded salty sand of the island

For more information on tours and things to do in the reef visit our article on the Lady Musgrave Experience.


Lady musgrave island day tour

Swim with Turtles

Lady Musgrave Cruises

The Lady Musgrave Experience provides an amazing opportunity to enjoy views of the magnificent Lady Musgrave lagoon while visiting the island. An amazing boat to set sail on to fully experience the beauties of the Great Barrier Reef.

The Luxury catamaran offers comfy leather seats, flat-screen TV’s, guided snorkelling tours and gourmet food across morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea. Whether you plan to swim with the turtles, watch the incredibly colourful sea life below, or flounder around the whales, the Lady Musgrave Experience has everything you need.

lady musgrave Island Experience
Day tour on the Lady Musgrave Experience

Where To Stay

The Town of Bundaberg and 1770 have an amazing selection of accommodation available. Whether you want a relaxed holiday at the campground, or stay in luxury at a resort, you will be spoilt for choice.

Bagara Beach and the Coral Coast are just a short 10 minutes drive from the Burnett Heads departure point. If you’re looking for a luxury resort stay, there are several options including the Point Resort, Kelly’s Beach Resort and Bargara Blue Resort. For a more relaxed outdoor stay, the Bargara Beach Caravan Park is the popular place to stay in town.

For somewhere in the sleepy town of 1770, you can find a wide range of camping parks from 1770 Camp Grounds, Workman’s Beach Camping, The Reef Caravan Park, Captain Cook Holiday Village and more.

Lady Musgrave Camping
The Camp Grounds at 1770

Check out the Campr Series Lady Musgrave Island episodes for more information on this beautiful holiday destination. For a place to stay while visiting Musgrave check out 1770 camping ground.


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