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ARB Weekend Without Wifi: Part 2


With some help from Lucas, our ARB team guide and 4WD enthusiast, we take a trip down Camp Road on Landcruiser Mountain Park in the Nissan. Not only does this mountain park offer plenty of 4WDriving, it is a beautiful spot to relax and set up for camp.

With the team eager to get out on the tracks, even in the wet weather, we huddled around the Landcruiser Mountain Park map to navigate which route we had planned to take. After some discussion with the group, we decided to start at Camp Road, go down Diaper Road and duck into Cower Falls, for some creek crossings.

Landcruiser 4WD Park
Intense 4x4 tracks at Mountain Park

Camp Road – 4WD Track

Camp Road is a testing climb for most vehicles in the dry and even more so when it’s wet and slippery! As they climb up can get pretty hairy, your car will get cross axled along this road. So it’s important to know how you’re going to approach it before you start. Lucas begins the ride with 0 lockers to see how far along the track he can get. After going as far as he can, he reengages the back lockers and travels as far as he can before reengaging the front lockers as well. These air lockers a brilliant aftermarket accessory which provide a lot of help when tackling tough 4WD tracks like Camp Road.

Challenge yourself with the Camp Road climb

Before you get going up the hill, it’s important to start in low range and first gear. 4WDriving is all about wheel placement and control. Whenever you’re tackling a 4WD track it’s important to move slowly and take your time. When engaging your rear or front lockers, begin with taking some pressure off the dif, placing the gear into neutral. Engage the rear locker and put the car, back into gear, giving the dif the change to mesh properly. This is important because if the dif is in gear, the dif will be underload and the locker can’t activate properly. This can cause some pretty big problems and ruin your dif.

Landcruiser Park
The climb up Camp Road

By flowing increasing your lockers you can test how far your car would go with and without the use of air lockers. Before we know it, it’s our turn to take what we’ve learned and put it into practice. If you missed the first part of our Weekend Without Wifi story, you can watch it here. Learn more information about Landcruiser Mountain Park and the 4WD tracks and what they have to offer.

Landcruiser Mountain Park 4WD Track
Camping sites at Landcruiser Mountain Park make a great family holiday destination



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