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We Checked Out The Landcruiser Mountain Park


Blue Craw cooking on a Weekend Without Wifi at Landcruiser Mountain Park!! Check out our ARB weekend away story where we hit the 4x4 tracks here. Cruiser Park is the perfect location for 4WDing, camping and reconnecting with the wildlife.

Albert Perrits talks to us about the history of the park, the top tips when camping and the ways of the bush. With the help of some young city kids, we also talk you through the best way to cook blue craw. The best-designated family areas if you’re planning on bringing the kids along.

weekend without wifi
Weekend Without Wifi with ARB

Landcruiser Mountain Park

With over 10,000 acres of wilderness camping and 4WD tracks, you definitely won’t be bored at Landcruiser Mountain Park! Situated just 2 hours from Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast, this place is the perfect family location. With 4WD tracks to learn new off-road driving skills and a place for the family to have some fun, you can enjoy over 200km worth of 4WD tracks out on the property.

Landcruiser mountain park
Welcome to Landcruiser Mountain Park

What was originally a cattle farm, Albert Perrits wanted to create an unrestricted campground for visitors to enjoy and test out their trucks. The property also has a lot of natural attractions including the headwaters of the Brisbane River, creeks and waterfalls. Enjoy the abundance of wildlife as the freshwater provides a great spot for fishing, swimming, bush-walking, mountain climbing, bird watching and pictures scenery.

How To Get To There?

Located on Diaper Road in Kingaham, there is a number of ways to get to Landcruiser Mountain Park depending on which way you’re coming from. If you’re coming from Brisbane, head along the Bruce Highway, around 160km from Brisbane airport and take the Caboolture/ Kilcoy Exit. Then follow D’Anguilar Highway to Kilcoy. Once you’ve reach Kilcoy, turn right at the clock roundabout (second exit) to Jimna, then follow Kilcoy/ Murgon Road. Travel along the dirt road around 16km and pass the Jimna turn off. Turn left once you’ve reached the Landcruiser Mountain Park Sign on Diaper Road.

Lancruiser Mountain Park 4WD
Navigate your way around LandCruiser Park

If you’re travelling from the Sunshine Coast, this drive is also around a 2-hour drive depending on where you are along the Sunny Coast. Make your way through Beerway and make your way to Kilcoy. Once you’ve reach Kilcoy, follow the same directions as listed above.

From Toowoomba, the park is approximately a 3-hour drive. On this drive, you can choose to go through either Hampton to Esk, or Gatton to Esk. Once you’ve reached Esk, keep travelling towards Kilcoy, then follow the same route as above.

Landcruiser Park Camping

These beautiful campgrounds offer 4 main camping areas, Cowah Falls, Trakka Terrace along with Gums and Fig Tree. Fig Tree campgrounds being easily accessible to 2wd’s and motorhomes. If you’re a dog owner and don’t like leaving the pups at home, well don’t worry, cause the park is pet friendly and allows all dogs. The Park also offers great amenities including a generator which helps light the way for campers using the hot showers and flushable toilets in the campgrounds.

Landcruiser Mountain Park Camping
Pitch a tent at one of the many camping areas on the property

As the facilities in the park, it’s very important to bring everything you need, including sufficient fuel, first aid kit, axe, shovel, tow rope, and drinking water. Thankfully the park office carries some supplies including drinks, ice, milk bread and other basic supplies, if you do happen to run out, however other replenishments can be bought from the closest township of Kilcoy.

Another great thing you can expect at the campgrounds is approved campfires. With a sufficient amount of firewood available around the park, you can crowd around a toastie fire and enjoy some after-dinner marshmallows.

Landcruiser Mountain Park 4WD Tracks

With over 200 km of specially designed 4WD trails, you’ll be living in 4X4 Heaven! Trails vary in standard to suit both beginner and experienced off-road drivers. Get to know your vehicle whilst testing your driving skills as you negotiate through mud, rock, hills, gullies washouts and creek crossings. From Camp Road to Cowah Falls and Diaper road, you’ll find something that will excite everyone… And maybe even give you a few goosebumps!

Landcruiser park
Attempt and tackle a number of the 4WD tracks available

For those happy enough to operate within their comfort zone, there are several tracks that loop the easier tracks together which offer a great day of driving. However, for some thrill-seekers, you don’t have to go far to find challenging ascents, descents, rock beds and muddy ground. For more information on the best 4WD tracks around the Landcruiser Park property, head to our article on the Camp Road Climb.

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