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Levuka 4WD Park is the perfect location for Motorama’s latest 4x4xMore weekend getaway. Trips like these are a good way to pick up tips and hacks from expert’s who have spent a lifetime getting into and out of trouble in their own vehicles. You’ll learn the finer points in recovery techniques, 4WD engagement procedure and how to tackle beach driving, gravel roads, steep inclines and water crossings.

One of Australia’s best-kept secrets, Levuka Rainforest Recreational Park is the perfect place to set up camp, enjoy some spectacular views and push the limits of your truck with some gnarly 4WD tracks. Whilst the campgrounds are two-wheel drive accessible, you sure won’t get very far out on the parks tracks! With medium to challenging driving conditions, you won’t want to be heading out on these tracks alone. And that’s where the Motorama 4X4XMore team comes in.

Views from the top of Levuka 4WD Park
Beautiful views from the top of the Levuka 4WD tracks

Levuka 4WD Park Motorama Tagalong Tour

Every year, the Motorama 4X4XMORE team round up the 4WD members and take them out for an Adventurous weekend. These trips normally take place every couple of months at number of different locations. This time around, we’ve made our way out to the Scenic Rim for some outback 4WDriving at Levuka Rainforest Recreational 4WD Park. Available for any Motorama member, whether you’re brand new or absolutely live for 4WDriving, you can come along for the ride.

Levuka is the perfect location to test yourself on the tracks. With every type of terrain from rainforest, to open hardwood forest, open farm country, gullies and creek crossings. You’ll be sure to learn a thing or two! Another brilliant feature of this park is their 4WD playground and test track. An ideal item for new members learning to build their confidence. Practise and play in the Levuka 4WD park, test your trucks 4WD features and get ready for the ride of your life.

Levuka 4WD Rainforest National Park
There are all forms of conditions at Levuka Rainforest National Park

But, the fun doesn’t stop there. If you’re planning on bringing the kids along for the weekend, you can be sure they’ll have a blast. With creeks, waterfalls, bush walks and canoeing, the kids can enjoy an endless weekend of adventure as well. If they’re interested in a bit of fishing, don’t forget to bring the fishing rods as you can also throw a line in the farm dam.

Levuka 4WD Park is just outside of Urbanville and is open all year round. If you would like to join the Motorama 4x4xMore Club talk to the crew at Motorama. And when you have bought your truck ARB are the people to see to trick it up for your next big adventure. Don’t forget to check out our trip with the Motorama 4X4XMore crew to Gordon Country, one of our Campr series articles on 4X4XMORE Tagalong Tours.

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