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Moreton Island Ferry – What To Do Before You Hop Off


Before you land on Moreton Island, there are several things you need to do before getting off the ferry. As your car is set up for driving on the roads, it’s important to do and know these things before driving on the new terrain. Here at 5 preparation steps to take before hopping off the Moreton Island ferry.


Moreton Island Ferry Preparation

Step 1. Tyre Pressure

While you’re on the barge, its important to take a look at your tyre pressure. Lowering your tyre pressures to around 18 to 20 psi is recommended. By lowering the pressure in your tyre you are creating a longer tyre footprint which will keep you out of trouble most of the time. Don’t forget to do this before you hop off the Moreton Island ferry.

Step 2. 4WD Mode

Secondly, engage 4WD. You’d be surprised at how many people forget to do this! Note to self; if the light is flashing, you’re not in 4WD! whilst most of your beach driving will only need 2 wheel drive most of the time, soft sand near the dunes, water crossings and the overpass onto the beach are the most common places where people get bogged due to forgetting to engage their 4WD.

Step 3. Traction Control

Disengage traction control. For the most part, this is more of a hindrance than a help whenever you are driving on sand. Drive slowly off the barge ramp, but don’t stop at the bottom, this is where the sand will be softest.

moreton island ferry
The Micat to Moreton Island

Step 4. Keep momentum

Another tip is to use your vehicle’s momentum and avoid high torque wheel spin when moving onto the beach. Long arcing turns are always better than full lock turns in the sand.

Step 5. Tides & Tyres

Finally, know what the tide is doing when you arrive. Make sure you have the right tyres before heading over to Moreton.

moreton island ferry preparation
Moreton Island beach drive

Ford Ranger Sunshine Coast Beach Driving

Moreton island barge

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