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Moreton Island Glamping At Castaways Resort Village


You don’t need a hand to pitch these tents, or dig a hole to use the loo. Glamping with Moreton Island Adventures is all the best parts of sleeping under a canvas roof, without needing to bring any of the gear! Get your own fix of the simple island life with a camping holiday complete with a proper bed, solid floor and an ensuite!

You’ll find this little sanctuary in the small township of Bulwer just a 20-minute drive North from the Micat landing point. If you’re not up for beach driving, you can organise a transfer from the ferry with Moreton Island Adventures.

Castaways Beach Resort
View beautiful beach sunsets over the Bulwer Wrecks

Castaways Glamping Resort

If you love the ideas of getting out into the great outdoors, but don’t own any of your own equipment? Well, the Castaways Resort offers the best of both worlds! Castaways on Moreton Island offers up 11 beautifully furnished glamping tents. Enjoy hardwood floors, comfy queen bed, private ensuite and a veranda overlooking the gardens.

Forget worrying about pitching a tent, lugging around a gazebo, covering your tent with sand. Simply put your feet up, with a glass of wine and enjoy the fact that your air mattress isn’t going to deflate in the middle of the night. To view beautiful beach sunsets over the famous Bulwar wrecks, all you have to do is simply stroll 100m from camp.

Moreton Island Glamping
Glamping at Castaways on Moreton Island is the best parts of sleeping in a tent with the luxaries of home.

Castaways Equipment Hire

Castaways already has the fishing rods rigged to borrow and the store sells a variety of frozen bait. You can also hire paddleboards, kayaks and snorkelling gear to use while you’re on Moreton Island. The camp kitchen is well equipped to cook up some dinner. Bring your own or opt for the ‘Glamp pack’ when you book. Otherwise you can avoid cooking altogether and grab a bite at the Castaways cafe.

Castaways Moreton Island Glamping Resort
Castaways also sell and rent out plenty of fishing rods and bait.

Where is Castaways?

As the name suggests, Castaways is on an Island. To get to Moreton Bay Island, you can catch a ferry either as a passenger, or with a 4WD. Micat Ferry normally takes around 90 minutes across Moreton Bay from Brisbane.

Once you’ve reached Moreton, castaways are located in a small township of Bulwar, just 25 minutes north of where the Micat ferry drops you off. The ferry landing point is also home to the Tangalooma wrecks. As you make your way north up the beach, turn right once you hit the Bulwer Wrecks and head into town to check-in at the resort

Moreton Island Adventures

Moreton Island Adventure

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