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Exploring The Thomson River and Muttaburra | Outback Queensland


In another jam-packed episode of Campr, we’re still exploring the beautiful Queensland Outback, we’re back cruising the Thomson River in Longreach. With Smithy at the helm of the ship, we learn all about the Thomson and its shores. 

It’s a must-do adventure when you are in Longreach, one of the awesome things you can do with Smithy and the team from Outback Aussie Tours. In fact, the cruise culminates with dinner and a show that’s a really special outback experience under fairy lights strung through Coolibah trees. 

One way to get to Longreach is by train and our good timing has seen us in town at the same time as The Spirit of the Outback. One of the greatest train rides of Australia, The Spirit of the Outback is a service between Longreach and Brisbane and takes 24 hours to complete. Relax in a cabin and watch the incredible Queensland scenery roll right past you. 

Our trip from Longreach to the North East town of Muttaburra showed us the very real impact nine seasons of drought has this way. It’s no shock when looking at the vast dry landscape that it brought tears to the eyes of many a farmer and as Dean said “This is a truly unique landscape beautiful, desolate, and richly rewarding in season. We just aren’t in season.” 

Once hitting Muttaburra we had to check out the new home of the Muttaburrasaurus, one of the first dinosaurs found in Australia and it was famously found in a Muttaburra graziers backyard in the 1960s. 
It’s all in this episode of Campr. 

Dean Miller - Campr Dean has been a trailblazer in the adventure television space for more than 15 years. With a passion for fishing, forged as a young fella growing up on Groote Eylandt NT, the only thing he loves more than boating, camping and touring is sharing a yarn.