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Explore Ngkala Rock, Fraser Island 2018


Ngkala has a reputation of at worst making grown men cry and at best soaking up everyone’s fun, Ngkala Rocks can be, well difficult to say the least. Of course, a challenge like this is what adventure is all about and so bravely or foolishly we have decided to give it a crack.


Swiftys cruiser has every conceivable ARB accessory known to man on it. I figure if he gets through and we don’t at least he can offer us some assistance. If he doesn’t get through…..well we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it. The two best pieces of advice for any hard going like this is to make sure your tyre pressures are giving you the right footprint for the job and make sure you attack the cutting with enough momentum to carry you through.

Heading up to the Sandy Cape, we came across a true 4WD challenge

Of course, without enough clearance diff locks and some other tricks, it may be beyond your vehicle’s capabilities and that’s where ARB will be able to give you some advice on what modifications you may need to make for the job at hand. Hopefully, it’s not as tough as Ngkala Rocks. Anyway, that’s enough of that nonsense for one day. Let’s head for the Cape.

Ngkala has a reputation of at worst making grown men cry

Your local ARB Store will fit your truck out for its next adventure, head online to find your local stockist. Don’t forget to check out Episode 24 of the Campr series for all the action at Fraser Island and Ngkala Rocks.

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