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NT Air – Helicopter Tours Of The Northern Territory


The Top End in the wet season from November to April is simply stunning. The region comes alive at this time of year with birdlife, flowing waterfalls and afternoon thunderstorms providing spectacular light shows. The best way to see the region is from the air. Morto and his team from NT Air have exclusive rights to Litchfield National Park and he’d love to take you to your own private swimming hole with your own private waterfall!



Helicopter Tours of The Northern Territory

From just $99, you could enjoy the tour of a lifetime. NT Air is an Adventure touring company that provide helicopter tours over the Litchfield park in the northern territory. The company can take you on a number of different trips around the park, and if you’re willing to pay a little extra, they offer landings in some pretty spectacular places. Some landings even provide secluded swimming holes you’ll never want to leave.

NT Air Helicopter tours
NT Air are experts at showcasing the beauty and wonder of Northern Territory

During the NT wet season, from November to April, NT Air operates from its home base in the town of bachelor. During the dry months, through May to October, it flies out of Wangi Falls, located inside Litchfield National Park. Want to see more from the ‘Top End’? Check out our Dundee Beach story here.

Litchfield national park helicopter tour
Litchfield National Park is a must-see if you’re in the Top End

NT Air Helicopter Tours

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