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Orchid Beach, Fraser Island – Attractions, Supplies & Accomodation


About 80kms up the Fraser Island Coast sits this remote outpost at Orchid Beach. A welcome sight for people looking to stock up on fuel, bait and food. With Marloo Bay stretching out in front of us towards the Coral Sea It’s easy to see why people come here to rent holiday houses. Also, fishing up this way is unbelievable.

Many years ago this was the home of the Fraser Island Fishing Classic. Kingfisher Bay is the perfect place to stay if you’re looking for a touch of luxury. This place provides a diverse range of holiday rentals, offering accommodation for a select number of self-contained homes.

Orchid Beach Fraser Island
Welcome to Orchid Beach

Orchid Beach On Fraser

If you’re looking for places to visit around Orchid beach, you can find the popular Champagne Pools, Indian Head, Waddy Point and Ocean Lake, which are just a few minutes drive from the beach. If you’re a keen fisherman, or looking for a relaxed holiday house stay, Orchid beach has a lot to offer.

If you’re on the island and doing a lot of travelling up and down the beaches, you’ll be looking for somewhere to fill up. Not only does Orchid Beach offer a number of holiday rentals, the Trading post at Orchid Beach offers fuel and a brilliantly stocked General Store. Generally a last stop for by-passers on their way up to Sandy Cape, you can pick up all your essentials including ice, bait and even an ice-cold beer.

Driftwood Bar at Orchid Beach
Stock-up on supplies at Orchid Beach Fraser Island

With the general store next door, Driftwood Bar is the perfect place to stop off for lunch before you hit the road again up north. Enjoy a few oysters, fresh seafood and enjoyably cold drinks before you pick up any forgotten supplies including sunscreen, aloe vera aftersun, hats, stubbie coolers, and more.

If you happen to own a bit of extra money, Orchid beach is also home to an airstrip for small aeroplanes to fly in. ARB are the people to see to get your fourby to Fraser Island and beyond! Don’t forget to check out Episode 23 of the Campr series for all you need to know about Fraser Island.

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