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Parklands MX Park | Kenilworth Motocross Park


Only a couple of hours drive north-west of Brisbane you’ll find bloke heaven if you are into dirt bikes. A series of privately owned motoX tracks called Parklands. Sitting amongst gum trees and rolling hills, there is a range of tracks to suit all skill levels including 100-foot tabletop jumps for those with no fear.


There are five tracks for adults and two for kids and because the whole set up is on private property, there are no licenses required. Camping is available for 8 bucks a night just down the road at the Kenilworth showgrounds where you will also find all the amenities you’ll need including the best 1 dollar hot shower going around. After a big day on the tight twisting circuits, it’s time for the lads to relax and enjoy a little downtime before a good night’s sleep and another crack at Parklands tomorrow.

Privately owned dirt bike tracks called Parklands MX Park

Parklands are open 7 days a week from 8 till 5 and cost 30 bucks for adults and 20 for kids. Go to the website for all the details. And for a good night’s sleep, you’ll find the ARB Swag which is the same as the one we are giving away soon…at your local ARB store.

There is a range of tracks to suit all skill levels

Don’t forget to check out Episode 22 of the Campr series for all the action at Parklands MX.

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