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Moreton Bay is one of Australia’s most protected waterways. This boat haven has a number of shelters from storms, depending on the direction of the wind. The Tangalooma Wrecks is one of the most popular, but another favourite has to be Horseshoe Bay at Peel Island. We’ve been travelling on the magnificent Maritimo M62 and what a place to drop the pick for lunch, at Peel Island.

Moreton Bay

The Moreton Bay Region is a local government area located in the north of the Brisbane metropolitan area. Home to an abundance of marine and other wildlife, Moreton bay is surrounded by a number of Island just off the shore from Caloundra down to the Gold Coast. Stretching 125km in length, the bay itself is about a half hours drive from the centre of Brisbane’s city.

A veritable playground for anglers, the waters of Moreton Bay offer many fishing adventures for you and the family to partake in. Also important for commercial fishing operations, providing delicious seafood such as the Moreton Bay Bugs to the market.

peel island
Horseshoe Bay, Peel Island

With a total of 360 islands around and in the bay, some have been turned into residential islands like Bribie Island, Moreton Island and Stradbroke. Whilst other smaller island offer perfectly sheltered beaches for enjoying day trips, fishing or mooring a boat.

Peel Island

This small heritage-listed island offers a beautiful national park just 4km from the mainland of Cleveland. A remote paradise enjoyed by many locals and visitors with the access of boats and watercraft. On the southern end of the island, you’ll find Peel Islands most popular beach, named Horshoe Bay. Appropriately named, the beach provides spectacular sandstone outcrops to explore and perfectly sheltered waters to moor a boat.

On the other side of the Island, Platypus Bay is open for visitors interested in swimming and snorkelling around the large historic shipwreck. These two sides of the island provide lovely access to the island, whilst the rest of the island is surrounded by Mangroves and closed to the public for the preservation of historic remains.

Maritimo boats moored at horseshoe bay
Moor a boat or stay the night at Horseshoe Bay

With a singular facility located on the island, Horshoe Bay is home to a composting toilet for beachgoers visiting the island. It’s important that if you decide to visit the island, to take all your belongings and rubbish with you, as preserving the islands beautiful untouched oasis is important to continue.

How to get to Peel Island

If you don’t own a private boat, you can join Aria Cruises for a day trip to the island. On these cruises, you can expect to spot a wide range of wildlife from dolphins, turtles, stingrays, and occasionally whales (depending on the time of year). Aboard this vessel, you can also expect a lunch, with an included beverage, morning tea and afternoon tea for all voyagers.

Alternatively, if you don’t wish to travel with others on a cruise, you can hire a boat for the day and cruise over to the island. If you do do so, it’s important that you have a boat licence and know the rules of the waterway including where to stay in between what boyes. You cal also opt for renting a kayak from Brizyak Kayak Hire. A popular choice as the island is only 4km away from the mainland and offers the option to pitch a tent and stay overnight.

hire a boat across moreton bay
Hire a boat, take a cruise or kayak to the island

Camping on Peel Island

If you’re willing to pay a small fee, you can stay overnight on Peel Island. A popular location for overnight anchorage, Horseshoe bay is considered to be one of Moreton Bay’s best-sheltered beach from northerly winds. With access by boat or Kayak, you can use the island for overnight stays.

If you do plan to camp on the Island, it’s important that you get in contact with the national park and book with them on their website.

Swimming & Snorkeling

Horseshoe Bay and Platypus Bay offer pristine, calm waters, that provide some great locations for swimming and snorkelling. With long, flat shallow water within Horseshoe Bay, the beach offers the perfect location to take a dip and lounge about as you slowly drift in and out with the tide.

For eager Snorkellers, Platypus Bay offer a shipwreck which attracts a wide range of fish and other marine life. A beautifully historic spot where you can get deep down into nature as the north side of the island also offers the Harry Arkinson Artificial Reef.

swimming in horseshoe bay, peel island
Swim through the shallows of Horseshoe Bay

Wildlife & Marine Life

Known for its natural beauty and undisturbed pollutions of modern-day. Peel Island is home to a wide variety of birdlife, animals, and marine life. Dugongs, turtles, stingrays, dolphins fish and whales frequently inhabit these waters.

If you do plan on visiting the island or mooring in the shallow waters of Horseshoe Bay, be aware of what you leave behind. Keeping the wildlife safe and unharmed is important as they are very precious to these waters. On the island, you can find up to 74 species of birds living and visiting the island. If you plan to visit the island during the warmer months, take note of the jellyfish. During the summer, large swarms of jellyfish tend to inhabit the waters.

Boating & Fishing

When boating and fishing around Peel Island, it’s important to know where you can fish. The island is surrounded by Moreton Bay Marine Park. You will find some restrictions on fishing and recreational activities depending on which zone you’re in. To know where you can and can’t fish, check out the Marine Park map here.

Always a popular location for boaters, Horseshoe Bay, Teerk Roo Ra, and Platypus Bay are all beautiful locations. Pull up for lunch, or moor the boat overnight. Due to its shallow waters and sandy beachfront, Horshoe Bay is always a winner. When it comes to mariners, the bay provides a lot of protection from the common northerly winds and rough seas.

fishing moreton island
Go fishing around the Moreton Bay area

Maritimo Boats

Handcrafted in Australia, these luxury motor yachts offer mariners with beautifully designed water vehicles. Inspired by a lifelong passion for performance, build integrity and innovative design, Maritimo boats are brilliantly crafted. With a history in offshore racing, engineering excellence and reliability, you will be cruising the waters in style on these Maritimo yachts.

horseshoe bay Peel island
Magnificent Maritimo sitting on the Great Sandy Straits

Inspired and influenced by Australia’s lifestyle and beautiful coastlines. Maritimo Boats offer space, light and attention to detail in all their products. These Australian crafted boats create the ultimate sanctuary for enjoyment, relaxation and freedom for all their passengers.

Maritimo M62

This majestic motor yacht will satisfy even the most discerning skipper, family and friends out on the water. The luxurious fit-out offers a spacious, bright and breezy open plan layout. With wide opening bi-fold saloon doors, easy access to the cockpit and ample sea breeze through the saloon and cabins. This boat really sets the scene for a relaxing family holiday out on the water.

maritimo motor yachts
View the luxurious exterior and interior of the M62

If you’re looking for luxury, the Maritimo M62 does not disappoint. The master stateroom is complete with a luxurious king bed, ensuite, chaise lounge and makeup vanity or study. With an interior stairwell, you’re lead up to a completely enclosed second saloon. Along with an extended balcony off the back and sunroof.

Designed and engineered with excellence the M62 delivers exceptional sea keeping abilities. These sleek lines, fail-safe electrical systems and unrivalled running performance from her hull and shaft drive technology provide smooth riding for everyone. Along with the long-range fuel tanks, this boat holds high-class fuel efficiency status so you can take it out for long holiday periods.

Maritimo Boats
Maritimo motor yachts are perfect for cruising around the bay or offshore fishing trips

Not only does the M62 has sleek designs and spacious interiors, but the boat offers broad deck space and holders for any fishing trip. As Greg mentions, they fish a lot. With an ice chipper, rod holders and seakeeper gyro stabiliser, this boat is perfect for offshore fishing!

peel island fishing
Cast a line off the Maritimo M62 with multiple features for offshore fishing

To view the full range of Maritimo Models, head to Maritimo to learn more about their motor yachts here. You can also check out some great fishing spots in the Great Sandy Straits.

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