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Road To Stanage Bay


On Campr today, the Road to Stanage Bay…you’ve never heard of it? Well, you have now!!


ARB Rockhampton

The newest addition to the Rockhampton streetscape is not another bull statue but in fact the new ARB Store on Gladstone Rd. Just a block or two down from the old one. ARB clearly see Rockhampton as an area for expansion with this state of the art purpose-built facility. Out the back is a workshop and the team here are pumped to finally have the doors open and be welcoming customers in.

While Jack and I have been talking Roger’s done a few laps of the place, given where we are about to head he’s picked up a couple of things that might come in handy. With the cars fuelled and the van loaded …we roll out of ARB pointing north. Headed for an almost mythical world where it’s said 3 kg muddies climb into your boat and Spanish barra, jacks and coral trout are landed are so thick…you could walk on water across their backs.

road to stanage bay road trip
Driving to Stanage Bay with Roger Vickery

Road Trip To Stanage Bay

That’s right we are off to Stanage Bay. Stanage Bays isolation …its sheer remoteness has been its saviour. 70kms up the Bruce just before you get to Marlborough is the blink and you’ll miss it turn off to Stanage Bay. They say the road can be a bit rough once you get off the blacktop …but seriously…what is the go here.

Thankfully a few kilometres later we do turn right and prepare the adventure ahead, 100 klicks of dusty corrugated bull dust riddled goat track and we wouldn’t have it any other way. As you would be well aware the national highway hugs the coastline for the most part right around the country with few exceptions…but here …above the militaries Shoalwater Bay this parcel of land stretches for 100ks and is mostly cattle country dotted with homesteads and outstations. The perfect spot to pull up and enjoy some corned beef and pickle sangas.

stanage bay accommodation
Accommodation at Stanage Bay

Stanage Bay Accommodation

2 Hrs and 100 ks later and we roll into one of the prettiest seaside villages in Central Queensland the good news for us is that on the way into town. Walters good mate John has called and offered us his Fishing lodge to stay in for a couple of days. The Stanage Bay Fishing Lodge accommodates a small army of fisherman!! There are four bedrooms in the main house with multiple beds and then head back outside to the man cave complete with a big screen…pool table and more beds. Around the side is the dedicated filleting and fish prep room. It’s clear they are pretty serious about their fishing up this way.

Stanage Bay Fishing

The plan for tomorrow is to meet up with the ARB Rocky Crew who will drive in early after work fuel the boats, pray to the weather gods for a wind drop and hopefully get to see some of Thirsty Sound and the massive fishing grounds that surround this paradise. Don’t forget to check out our Simpson Desert adventure with the ARB crew.

arb rockhampton bull bar

arb rockhampton 4x4 suspension

stanage bay camping

stanage bay accommodation

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