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Explore Sandy Cape, Fraser Island


One of the least visited most remote parts of Fraser Island is its far north, Sandy Cape. We are a stone’s throw from the Southern end of the Great Barrier Reef, about 40ks north of here is Lady Elliot Island where the Great Barrier Reef begins.


Sandy Cape was named by the wonderfully imaginative Captain Cook as he passed by in 1770. 100 years later after several shipwrecks in 1870 construction began on the Sandy Cape Lighthouse, which is still in use today. This was the first European settlement on Fraser.

Always remember to camp in the designated sites

The Cape itself is a pristine environment and for that reason, it’s a good idea to Camp in the designated sites along the Northern Beach. We have found a beauty hard up against this sand blow offering protection and an elevated view from the top.

Sandy Cape is one of most remote parts of Fraser Island

It’s here that all Swifty’s toys come out including the hammock, not sure if that’s standard ARB Kit! One thing to remember is travelling up here should really only be done on the low tide and you can’t drive on the beaches at night in turtle season.

The Cape is a really special place, very isolated and sparse but beautiful in its own way its gotta be on your Fraser island bucket list.

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