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Scenic Rim Tag Along with the Motorama 4X4XMORE Club


This week the Motorama 4X4XMore Club put its newbie’s into “fourby boot camp” at Scenic Rim Adventure Park!


The Scenic Rim Adventure Park

There are about 50 tracks around the Scenic Rim Adventure park that intertwine through the property. So, if you’re cruising along one of the tracks and you feel it starts to get a bit hairy, you can simply do a 50 point turn and get yourself out on another track. Like any roads, Wendy and her team at the Adventure park have put up street signs around the park to make sure you’re travelling along the right path. The park itself is roughly 3.5 to 4km in length, with a number of difficulty levelled tracks for you to test out.

scenic rim tag along
We join the Motorama crew on their Scenic Rim Tag Along

Tagalong Challenges

Whilst on the track, the Motorama team will often set up a couple of driver challenges to help members learn how to use their car and give them a bit more confidence to head out on the road solo. The Challenge the tagalong team faced was the downhill descend. With the use of ‘descend control’ and guidance from the Motorama team, all members smashed their first challenge with ease.

Water crossings

Second up, the water crossing. Now, an important rule to remember before crossing a water hole, creek or river is checking the depth. With the help of a stick, walk the path you plan to take in your car to check for any obstacles, the water depth and the consistency of the soil below. You want to make sure you don’t run the risk of getting stuck in the mud.

Getting out of trouble

When on one of these tagalongs, it’s important to know all the tips and tricks to get yourself out of trouble safely. Thankfully, with the help of Sam, we get the rundown on how to be self-sufficient in a crisis.

motorama club tagalong challenges
4x4 tracks at Scenic Rim Adventure Park


MaxTrax is a solo drivers best friend when four-wheel driving. With the use of MaxTrax, Sam and the team show us how to get a bogged car out of the mud. The best thing about the MaxTrax is that you can turn them over and they work brilliantly as a shovel. With the backside dig a bit of extra mud out before sticking them under your wheels. The trick when using MaxTrax is to avoid wheel spin. Engage your low gear and slowly drive your way out of the mud.

Snatch Straps

Now you’ve probably heard a lot of stories about snatch straps being dangerous. Well, snatch straps can be dangerous if not used properly. The number one reason that snatch straps are so dangerous is due to the bow shackles. It’s important to place a dampener over the snatch straps to prevent the straps from flying if there was something to go wrong in the process of rescuing a car. When using a snatch strap to pull out another car, you can guarantee that there will be some stretch in the rope. This is absolutely normal, so don’t worry.

Car Winching

Winching your car can be a lengthy process, especially when winching uphill. A winch can be used for a number of different reasons. When winching to the base of a tree, it’s important to keep your equalising strap as close to the base of the tree as possible. This will help stop any weakness, bending or folding of the tree if you can’t find a large trunk. Hook it up to the equalising strap and lock it in. Whatever you do, do not step over or anywhere near the live winch cable. The scenic rim adventure park offers several areas and challenges. You can practise your recovery skills and maybe even save a mate.

If you’re looking for more 4×4 action with the Motorama crew, check out our story at the Gordon Country Tag Along.

toyota landcruiser at scenic rim adventure park

scenic rim adventure park

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