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Top 5 Best features of Sea Fox 228 Commander. Campr Host Dean Miller hits the beach on Wave Break Island, Gold Coast for a Club Marine review of the amazing Sea Fox 228 Commander. This Sea Fox model has a lot to offer, so Campr has picked out 5 of its best features to give our boat-loving fans a taste of what this vessel can do for a great trip out on the water.

Dean says the Sea Fox designers really suit up their products with some great gear. “The American’s really know how to put some bells and whistles on a boat, don’t they,” he says.

5 Reasons To Buy The New Sea Fox 228 Commander

1. Decent Size

Ryan from JSW Powersports says the Sea Fox 228 Commander’s comfortable sizing makes this vessel an “extremely popular” choice for family and fishing ventures. “[The Commander is] 22 ft, a very popular and manageable size amongst young families and experienced fishermen.”

“The sea fox is based around the fishing boat but it gives you all the [space] and luxuries of your bigger boat,” Ryan says. It has plenty of versatile space that can be shifted for multipurpose use, whether you are out with the family or with the boys on a fishing trip.

Sea fox 228 commander club marine
Decent Size

2. Seating & Versatile Fishing Space

There is plenty of comfortable seating and fishing space options onboard the Sea Fox. You can choose from seats or fishing areas at the bow, centre and rear. Each of these spaces makes for comfortable sitting and can be doubled over and used as fishing space.

Ryan said the Bow is especially good for this feature as there is forward-facing seating and a cockpit table. “Then, the beautiful thing about [the bow] is, we can remove all the cushions and have a nice big casting deck.” Ryan says. The Sea Fox is geared with everything for a nice relaxing cruise to a calm and serene fishing experience.

marine club 228 commander
Seating & Fishing Space

3. Ultimate Fishing Storage

As the Sea Fox 228 Commander is based on fishing boat designs, it is fully equipped with maximum storage for all fishing trip needs. It has a convenient esky located under the driver’s helm with live bait tanks fitted into the rear side of the Sea Fox. There are a couple of other storage compartments out the back and under the centre console with the portaloo. There are even two rear rod holders built-in.

Ryan says you can use these rod holders for a lot of different purposes. “You can have a bait board, a barbeque, the options are endless,” he says. The Sea Fox has amazing storage, making for an incredibly organised and “smooth-sailing” fishing trip.

Features of the marine club boat
Ultimate Storage

4. Lights & Sound System

There are some great new light and sound features included in this new Sea Fox model. The 228 is rigged with plenty of quality downlights, navigational lights and misters as well as a full sound system to ensure you have an amazing boating experience night or day!

Marine club boat
Lighting & Sound System

5. Dry-riding and superior dash configuration

Ryan says the 228 has a great “Californian flare” about it and makes for an incredibly smooth and dry-riding experience. The Sea Fox also has an all-new dash configuration with 12-inch screens and a VHF radio set up. All your system components and data run nice and neat across the bottom to create a superior cruising adventure.

Ryan says the set up of the boat’s systems and model assist in dealing with all sea conditions, despite its relatively small size. “Instead of the waves rolling up into the console they are getting dispersed away from the boat, so it is a very dry-riding boat. [The Sea Fox] is a good all-rounder,” Ryan says.

Boat features and dash configuration
Dash configuration

Key Features of The Sea Fox 228 Commander

With a boat like the Sea Fox 228 Commander, the list of features goes on and on. Below we have listed just a small number of features in which this boat actually carries.

  • 12 Volt PowerPoint
  • Windlass Achor System with Controls
  • Battery Switch
  • Automatic Bilge Pumps
  • Side Door Access in the Cockpit
  • Insulated fish boxes in the floor
  • Sand-grip deck surface
  • 14 cup holders
  • Sink with Corian countertop
  • 65-qt Yeti Cooler with electric slide out
  • Below deck storage
  • & so much more!

If you’re in the market for a versatile boat equipped for great fishing and family fun, the Sea Fox 22 Commander is a great boat to consider. “For an American Sports Boat, that just looks fantastic,” Dean Says.

Check out our full review of the Sea Fox 228 Commander in our Club Marine Boat Review episode. For more information about the boat head to the Sea Fox website. Also, check out our review of the Seakeeper with the crew from Club Marine.

Sea Fox 228 Commander

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