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Sealver Jet Ski Boats


Sealver is the manufacturer of the Wave Boat, a recreational boat powered by a jet ski. Whatever your plans are (family cruising, jet fishing, wakeboarding, flyboarding, solo ride…) the Wave Boat is essential.

A Wave Boat is not only a boat, but it is also a boat propelled by a jet ski. It takes just 30 seconds to set free your PWC from the platform and unleash the power of your jet ski.
Sealver Jet Ski Boat

Sealver Jet Ski Boats

Ever questioned whether you wanted a boat or a jet ski? Well, Sealver has found a way to have your cake and eat it too! Jetski to boat converters have become extremely popular in recent years, which is absolutely no surprise as these Sealver boats hold the best of boat worlds.

When looking to buy a recreational vehicle, deciding between a jet ski or a boat can be an extremely difficult decision. Whilst owning both is almost impossible with exceedingly high prices and ongoing maintenance costs. Which is where Sealver Jet Ski Boats come in! This innovative watersports vessel operates like any speedboat, but rather than having an engine, these personal watercrafts power themselves.

Whilst providing extra room for passengers to move and sit down in inside the front boat section, the jetski at the back and easily detach from the front unit. Meaning you can stay out on the water for longer without the worry of returning to dock to take more people out on the jetski.

Sealver Jet ski
Enjoy the fun of a jet ski with more friends

5 Benefits of these Jet Ski Boats

1. Get the best of both worlds

You can now worry less about choosing between a boat or a jet ski for your next water toy. Not having to worry about servicing the boat, you’ll save hundreds in mechanical repairs and services!

2. More room, more fun

Enjoy more room for guest as these boat converters can accommodate up to 8 passengers! Enjoy a relaxing day out on the boat, or simply detach the back and enjoy one of the fastest jet skis on the water. Reaching up to 70mph!

jet ski boat
Simply detach and reattach from the unit

3. Extended Storage Space

With weight limits so low on a jetski, it doesn’t leave much room for storage. With the jetski boat converter, you have an extended amount of room to fit in your eskies, bags and any other watersport equipment to want to take out for the day.

4. More protection & Safety

Enjoy not worrying about losing gear off the back of your jet ski, as you can safely protect and place all your gear into the boat converter. As the boat gets its power from the jetski and not from your standard propeller, nearby swimmers and wakeboarder are safer in nearby waters.

5. Comfortable & Convenient

Enjoy the comfortable seats and sunbeds which sit in the boat converter in front of the jet ski. With an added Bimini Top for some models, you can relax, suntan or drift atop the waters under the cool shade.

Wakeboarding, jet fishing, flyboarding on Somerset Dam

Find out more information here! Plan a weekend at Somerset Dam if you’re looking at spending some quality time on the water.

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