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Champagne Pools, Australia | Safari ARMAX ECU Review | S1 E49


We are hooking our way up to Fraser islands Eastern Beach checking out some of the must stop locations along the way and this one is a beauty The Champagne Pools. Now I must admit I am more a beer kind of guy than a champagne sipper but the opportunity to spend some time in the aerated bubbles of Fraser island champagne pools sounds like an offer to good to pass up. The natural rock walls of the pools stand in the path of the crashing waves which explode then overflow into the pool creating a type of effervescence that has you feeling like your in a giant soda stream bottle. It’s a popular spot for lots of reasons.

One of the other reasons for it popularity is the high number of sharks in the surf line on Fraser it’s not a great idea to swim in the ocean up here and only on the odd occasion do you see people doing it. Champagne Pools at Fraser Island, a safe and fun swimming destination for the little kids and the big kids in your tribe. The Champagne Pools are Between Waddy Point and Indian Head.

ARB can trick your vehicle up and then deck you out with all you will need for your next Fraser Island getaway, head into your local store for all you will need to know.

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