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Beach Driving Moreton Island and Tangalooma | S1 E66


Welcome back to our coverage of the 2018 ARB Moreton Island Fishing Classic. When Moreton wants to turn it on not many can beat her. Its early spring and a beautiful time of year to be in this part of the world. We are hearing reports of the fishing being a little quiet so far this year so with the day at our disposal a plan is hatched to use the tides to our full advantage and do an anti-clockwise circumnavigation of the entire island.

There are only two real spots where beach driving is prohibited on Moreton beach fronts and that is in front of the Westside hamlet of Cowan Cowan. Further down the beach a few more clicks to Moreton’s metropolis, good old Tangalooma. Tangalooma was a whaling station in the 1960s but these days thankfully takes in tourists, not whales. The bypass behind Tangalooma can get soft so it’s a good idea to drop your tyre pressures to about 15 PSI for this part of the trip. It will make for a more comfortable run over the tree roots and holes in the roadway once through there it’s a good idea to inflate.

Once you are down on the western beach it’s also likely to be soft and because the beach is narrow it needs to be traversed on an appropriate tide. You can get stuck here on a flooding tide so it’s a good idea to go south on the ebb. Which is what we have today.

Moreton Island is well worth a visit and Micat can get you there and MIA will keep you entertained when you get there. Visit your local ARB Store and get your fourby Moreton ready. We look forward to seeing you at next years ARB Moreton Island Fishing Classic. Castaways on Moreton also offers some great glamping options.

Beach Driving on Moreton Island
Castaways glamping options on Moreton Island
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