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Well off the beaten track in the rural Central Queensland town of Taroom is a traffic stopper of a snack stop. Ima Cafe is hard to miss with its striking red and white decor, there’s a children’s play area and lots of nice places to sit in the sunshine or cozy corners in which to sit and enjoy a quiet conversation.

Ima Cafe is hard to miss with its striking red and white decor

Now let’s talk about the tucker! This place is worth turning off the Bruce Highway for, even if it is 300kms due west. One of the great joys of a journey into the bush is finding little gems like this place.

Ima Cafe menu is diverse

It was the famous explorer Ludwig Leichhardt who opened up this country way back in the 1840s. All I can say is thank you, Ludwig, if it wasn’t for you Taroom in the Banana Shire might not even exist and therefore neither the Ima Cafe. 5 out of 5 cream buns! For more info check out I’ma cafe on Facebook.

Don’t forget to check out Episode 36 of the Campr series for information about Ima Cafe and other points of interest around the town of Taroom.

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