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Somerset Dam – A Day On The Lake With Malibu Boats


We dive into the deep end at Somerset Dam with our mate Matt Swift from ARB. Along with the help of our mate Brendon Paige, we checked out the latest and greatest equipment from Malibu Boats. Now, before we hit the buttery water of the Somerset dam, we needed the right 4WD to get us and our new toy for the day out there. For boats the size of a Malibu Wakesetter, you’re going to need a big rig that has the capacity to haul a boat like this, along with several accompanying set-ups to help you along the way.

Somerset dam was constructed by the Bureau of Industry Stanley River Works Board. One of the largest and oldest water storages in the region, the Somerset dam is also one of the most popular recreational destinations in the district.

Somerset Dam
Lake Somerset out on the water

Where Is Lake Somerset?

Located around one and a half hours from Brisbane, Lake somerset is the perfect place for lovers of the great outdoors. With excellent conditions for fishing, camping, walking and water sports, the dam attracts a wide range of visitors. protected by a ring of hills, the lake offers calm waters ideals for any boating enthusiast.

Towing A Boat

When taking the boat out for a weekend on the water, a lot of its time is spent behind the truck being towed by your vehicle. Whilst it’s not anywhere near as fun, it’s very important to know and master how to properly tow your boat and trailer.

The first step for boat towing is knowing your vehicles proper towing capacity. Check this in your vehicle owner’s manual to determine your Gross Combined Weight Rating (GCWR) capacity. The GCWR is the combined weight of your vehicle, loaded trailer, gear and people in your vehicle. You should also be wary of your trailer hitch as it needs to be rated for the weight of your boat and trailer.

ARB tows Malibu Boat
Towing a boat or trailer

Before hitting the road, its important to make sure that your vehicle is in good working order. Have your pressure tire checked and your brakes inspected annually before the summer. Below we have also listed out a number of pre trailering tips to tick off the list before your next adventure.

Pre-Trailering Tips

  • Check your trailer’s tire pressure. It’s important to do this before every boating season as the trailer may have been park during the offseason.
  • Check your trailer lights. Working trailer lights can be a fiddly process, but they are super important for keeping you, your boat and other drivers safe out on the roads.
  • Make sure your boat is secure. Always check your bow eye and tie-downs at the transom.
  • Have your trailer brakes inspected annually. Make sure your trailer brakes are working and your wheel bearings are lubricated.
  • Secure your gear. The last thing you want is any loose items blowing out of your boat whilst on your drive out to the lake.
Towing a boat to Lake Somerset Holiday Park
Pre-trailering tips for towing a boat

Helpful Setups For Boat Trailering

  • Upgraded Suspension: Old Man Emu – Offering greater performance across all terrain, the Old Man Emu suspension upgrade provides noticeable improvements when carrying heavy loads.
  • Brake Controller: Redarc Electric Trailer Brakes – ARB offers two models to suit trailers with up to 3 axles. Easy to install and use they offer a dial to adjust the braking force as well as an LED light to inform when brakes are switched on.
  • Set Of Airbags: Controlled by the new Linx system – For easy and accurate controlling of airbags, you can adjust features from inside your car or outside your car up to 10m.
Linx ARB for towing
Linx system to control your set of airbags

Malibu Boats

The World’s best Wakesurfing, Wakeboarding and Water skiing towboats, Malibu boats are an absolute force to be reckoned with. With number 1 in quality, luxury and performance, you can’t look past a brand like this one. With 5-year factory warrant, these boats very reliable. The best thing about them is that they are handcrafted in Australia.

For over 20 years, these guys have been in the business of creating fun, lifestyle and memories, and the campr team sure got to see that at somerset. Whether you’re looking for a water ski boat, wakeboarding boat or something in between, the Malibu boat range can offer you just that.

Wakesurfing behind the Malibu
Known as the wake surfing boat of the year

Malibu Wakesetter

A tow-boat giant, the Wakesetter 23 LSV is the best selling performance towboats of all time! Set up for pro-level wake surfing and water skiing this boat is an absolute legend on the water. With optimal storage and generous seating, you can fit up to 15 people in a boat like this. Known as the wake surfing boat of the year, this boat shows off imaginal wake.

Malibu Wakesetter 22 LSV Model
Malibu Wakesetter 22 LSV Model

If you’re interested in this boat, or anything in the Malibu range, you can find the closes wholesaler at Northside Marine.

Somerset Dam Activities

Surrounded by rich hillsides and magnificent fields, Somerset Dam is the perfect location to cool off in the summer months and camp out during the colder months. Situated with a convenient boat ramp, the park offers easy access for water goers. With the protected mountain ranges, the hills help protect the water from wind which makes it a popular place for water sports.

  • Fishing
  • Boating
  • Jetskiing
  • Swimming
  • Kayaking
  • Wakeboarding
  • Water Skiing
  • Wake surfing
  • Tubing
  • Hiking
  • Stand up paddleboarding (SUP)
Malibu Team
Jetskiing on Somerset Dam

Somerset Dam Camping –  Lake Somerset Holiday Park

Only a short drive from the country towns of Kilcoy, Esk & Woodford. Lake Somerset Holiday Park sits on 45 hectares along the water’s edge. Spread out and enjoy camping under the starry night. Not only does the holiday park offer a number of campsites it also offers accommodation including caravan sites, cabins, villas and glamping safari tents.

Lake somerset Holiday park
Lake Somerset Holiday Park for camping and caravaning

Park Features

  • 3 Bedroom Cabins
  • 2 Bedroom Cabins
  • Safari Tents
  • Log Cabins – For groups
  • Powered & Un-powered Sites – Camping & Caravaning
  • Waterfront Accommodation
  • Mini Golf
  • Kiosk
  • Playground
  • Nature walks
  • Sewage Dump Point
  • Basket Ball Court
  • Disabled Bathroom
  • Amenities
  • Boat Ramp
  • Barbecue areas
  • Camp Kitchen
  • Free Wifi
  • Campfires – For those staying on a site

With NRMA Insurance member benefits include savings when staying at their holiday parks and resorts. When you stay 4 nights at Lake Somerset Holiday Park, only pay for 3. This discount saves you a total of 10% when staying for shorter periods.

Malibu wakesetter on Lake Somerset
Enjoy the flat waters surrounded by lush hillside

To find out more about somerset dam, what’s happening at the dam and what you can do there, head to the SEQ website for more information. Check out the range of Sealver Jetski Boats before you head to Somerset Dam.

old man emu 4x4 suspension

Linx ARB for easier towing

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