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From the bush to the beach…Team ARB head east of Stanage Bay…adventure awaits!! 🎣🦀


G’day and welcome to Campr were in Stanage Bay north of Rockhampton in CQ with the crew from ARB Rocky! With a little bit of ARB help…we’ve dragged 2 boats and a van over 100 odd ks of a corrugated dusty road to arrive in this Fishermans Paradise. Stanage itself is relatively small….there are a few houses that dot the headland..a caravan park, boat ramp, general store, pub and that’s about it. As statistics go I reckon it would be safe to say that just about everyone in town owns a boat…it truly is a fishing and crabbing mecca!

The coastline along here is quite rugged with sheer steep cliffs and the odd 4wd track to some very good viewing platforms and speaking of views, check out where Roger has anchored the van for the few days we are in town. The rest of us have bunked in at the Stanage Bay Fishing Lodge which is perfectly set up for a group like this. The weather gods are smiling on us this morning and conditions could not be better.

The view from where Roger is staying the night

On a day like this, we decide a run to the surrounding Duke Islands is the perfect way to start the day. The topography around here is very rocky …and with a big making tide ….it seems logical to all that some big monsters should be lurking with intent in the eddies around this structure. So we find a spot out of the run and drop baits! But ….nothing….Its got us scratching our heads as all the signs are positive.

A decision is made to make a run for Thirsty Sound before the afternoon sea breeze arrives. Thirsty sound is a massive body of water full of rock bars and mangroves chocka with muddies and fishes. The boys from ARB dropped some pots in a few of these drains last night and we thought we might follow them in to check the booty and share in the spoils. First pot …nothing …Second pot …….ordinary. Wow, we are doing nothing for local tourism showing empty pots but I reckon that’s probably a-ok with the locals who like to keep this place under wraps and off the radar.

Fishing with the ARB crew at Thirsty Sound, Stanage

When the fish aren’t biting at Stanage, well there is always the pub for a cold beer and then after that….a sunset for another cold beer. A fitting way to see a great few days out is with our ARB Mates and their ARB kitted out cars. If you missed the first part of our Stanage Bay trip you can check it out here.

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