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Surfing at Bargara Beach, QLD


Just north of Bundaberg, there are a few beaches around the town of Bargara that can have waves during swells from the east that sneak between Fraser Island and the Great Barrier Reef. Neilson Park, Bargara and Kellys Beaches are popular with the friendly local surfing community, along with the beaches to the south. The line up does get surprisingly busy here, so be sure to practise surfing etiquette at all times.

Bargara Beach has a friendly local surfing community

Left and right peaks breaking over sand. During summer common onshore winds often whip up short period wind swells making for messy, weak wind waves that break close together. Tropical waters 12 months of the year, and consistent sunshine make this location one of the best in Australia to learn to surf!

Bargara Beach is just 15 kilometres east of Bundaberg and has a climate similar to Hawaii

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