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Tenterfield Campsite


There is something about driving into Tenterfield that takes you back to another era, the old buildings and the homes that seem frozen in time. The surprising lack of “Big Macafication” which gives you a sense of driving smack bang into 1973. I don’t think a lot has changed since then, it’s a great feeling and one not lost on my travelling mates Dave and Gary all of us remembering 1973 as if it were only yesterday.


But it’s still a town and we are yearning for more wide-open spaces, so we roll out of town towards a new campground 50km away known as Kookaburra. Just shy of Glenn Innes if you’re travelling south Kookaburra is just off the highway and a comfortable stop after a long days drive if you’re towing a van. Don’t forget to check out Episode 9 of the Campr series for everything Tenterfield has to offer.

Kookaburra Camping & Caravan Park

Great facilities plenty of green grass and a friendly horse that be your friend for life if you give it a carrot. Dinner and a sunset a cold beer and a warm fire, have I got your attention yet? Tenterfield and Kookaburra are on the New England highway just south of the QLD border. The boys and girls at ARB will deck you and your vehicle out for your next camping adventure.

The wide-open spaces at Tenterfield Campsite

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