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Thargomindah is situated along the Adventure Way. It lies on the banks of the Bulloo River approximately 200 kilometres west of Cunnamulla, and 1,100 kilometres west of Brisbane. The road is sealed to Thargomindah. There is only a 45-kilometre stretch remaining to be sealed to the historic Burke and Wills “Dig Tree” on Cooper Creek at Nappa Merrie Station.


How to get to Thargomindah

It is the ideal touring route to or from South Australia via the famous Strzelecki Track and the Flinders Ranges. By following this Highway through the Bulloo Shire, you can explore the deserts, gibber and floodplains. Discover the natural beauty and unique qualities of the Outback in far south-western Queensland. While at Roma take a trip west along the Warrego Way.

Thargomindah hydro-electric power plant
Sunset at Thargomindah QLD

A little bit of history

Did you know that Thargomindah was the third place in the world to have electric street lights!? That’s right. First was London Second was Paris, and then there was Thargomindah. Pretty incredible to believe considering how rural it is. The Hydro-electric power plant bored water to power the street lights within the town. The power plant ran from 1898 until about 1951 when the town stopped boring water.

Thargo (as the locals refer to it) is also known for being the hottest town in the state. Dubbed ‘The Angry Summer by the Climate commissions, Thargomindah has reach temperatures of up to 48.8°C.  But don’t let the heat stop you, Thargomindah has lots to offer, including the most spectacular night sky.

thargomindah nightsky
Thargomindah nightsky

In regards to its name, no one actually knows what ‘Thargomindah’ actually means. However, locals believe that the name comes from an aboriginal word which means ‘Echidna’ or ‘Cloud of Dust’. Originally being named after the pastoral run in the district, they kept the name Thargomindah.

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