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The Top Summer Beach and Backyard Activities of 2020


Summer BBQs (especially Christmas lunches) are typically accompanied by a family game of some sport, usually cricket with plastic bats and a wheelie bin because you lost the wickets years ago. Of course, it’s where a lot of competitive spirit is released and shouted out. We have a few other games that you can bring out and enjoy this Summer for a bit of change. 


Another Aussie classic. Bowls usually is at a Bowls Club with everyone enjoying some day drinking but you can buy a set for yourself and play at home. Of course, don’t get confused with Bocce! An at home fave for many people, they are surprisingly different. Bowls have a different type of ball and you roll it compared to Bocce where you underarm throw it. That being said if you’re playing at home you can play with your own rules!

Rules: Place the smaller light ball around 10 metres from you (definitely doesn’t have to be exact), if you’re playing bowls roll the ball towards the jack (pallina for bocce) and if you have Bocce underarm throw your ball to the jack. 

Play Vikings Chess

From the same guys who introduced Finska to us Aussies, comes another incredible outdoor backyard game, Kubb- also called Vikings Chess. It’s guaranteed to bring laughs, competitiveness and fun to any gathering you play it at! Vikings Chess isn’t for the faint of heart but definitely for those who want to take their BBQ’s to the next level.

Rules: The rules for Kubb are a bit more complex as it involves teams, throwing blocks but are more ‘friendly’ rules than hard rules – like backyard cricket! You’ll have 10 small skittles (kubbs), one larger skittle (the king) and 6 throwing sticks in your equipment and once you learn the rules it’s super easy to play!


Finska is new on the block but it’s quickly formed its way into our hearts. The finnish game has made its way into many Aussies homes and is played at every family function. It’s relatively easy to understand and play, you will need a little bit of maths and a proper designated scorekeeper. 

Rules: first one to exactly 50 wins! If you knock down one pin you get the amount of points labelled on the pin, if you knock down more than one you get the amount corresponding to how many got knocked down. If you hit more than fifty then you go back to 0 and have to start again, and if you miss 3 times in a row, you’re out!


Frisbee has been around for so many decades and always leads to hilarious moments. There are usually no rules in frisbee, just try your best to throw the frisbee in the direction of your mate or at least near them. If you want to spice things up you can add in the rules from ultimate frisbee and create two teams. 

Rules: Each team is given an ‘end zone’, to protect. Aim to get the frisbee to someone standing in their opponents end zone by passing the frisbee to each other but the person with the frisbee cannot move.


Backyard cricket gets an honourable mention as it’s a staple for so many people and is always played on Christmas or Boxing Day! Every home has its own rules (just like UNO) but general consensus is that everyone gets a go at batting and bowling, half a tennis ball must always be covered in electrical tape, and electric wickies are incredibly nimble.