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The Ultimate Guide to Noosa North Shore


Noosa North Shore is a beautiful, hidden gem just opposite of Noosa Main beach! It’s the perfect spot to get away from the crowds and enjoy the natural beauty the Sunshine Coast has to offer. We’re here to help you make the most out of your trip to one of our favourite secret spots!

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Noosa North Shore Accommodation

If you’re planning to stay overnight, there are more options than you can throw a stick at!

Camping Grounds/Caravan park

Bring the tents and camp out at the campgrounds just steps away from the ocean. There’s also plenty of space for your caravan if that’s more your speed. The Noosa North Shore campground has plenty of amenities including toilet and shower facilities, and you even have the option of a powered or unpowered campsite. Most importantly, you’ve got uninterrupted views of your own semi-private beach!

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Noosa North Shore Holiday homes

Want to treat yourselves a little bit? There are a few resorts on the Noosa North Shore that bring that little bit of luxury you’re after. Just past the Noosa North Shore Getaway Bar & Bistro is Beach Road Holiday Homes, a resort with luxury, eco-friendly homes, and across the road, is the Noosa North Shore Retreat with motel-style cabins.

Things To Do At Noosa North Shore

You’ll never run out of things to see on the Noosa North Shore, no matter how many times you visit!

First Cutting

The first cutting is the first turn off onto the beach, you can turn right and drive right until the edge and see the crowd at Noosa Main Beach. This spot is perfect for a day trip, whether you’re fishing or swimming. It’s also the only spot with a car park so people without 4WD can enjoy the national park. 

Red Canyon

The Noosa North Shore’s very own “Red Centre,” the red canyon is a stunning natural wonder created over years of wind erosion. With brightly coloured red sands, you’ll want to make sure you’re not wearing white when you stop for a visit!

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Double Island Point/Lighthouse

Once you’ve reached the end of Noosa North Shore to the left is a ‘driveway’ to Double Island Point and Rainbow, at the end is a cliff with the iconic lighthouse. You can walk your way up to the top to see mesmerising views of the ocean and surrounds – sometimes even dolphins and whales will wave hello! The Double Island Point beach on the other side of the beach is a stunning spot for a beachside lunch, cold drinks, a swim in the little lagoon or a surf. 

Epic Ocean Adventures

These guys know epic and their tours are incredible. Learn to surf, stand up paddleboard, kayak with dolphins and more. That’s right! You could kayak with dolphins, turtles and all sorts of sea life at Double Island Point.

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Equathon Noosa North Shore Horse Riding

Experience the beauty of Noosa North Shore in a whole new way; on horseback! Ride along the beach with a triple Olympian leading the way, you’re more than in the right hands.

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Noosa North Shore Getaway Bar & Bistro

Before you hit the beach or on the way back, check out the Noosa North Shore Getaway Bar & Bistro. Recently renovated, this spacious area is great for lunch or dinner with so many activities for kids (or you). Mini golf, outdoor laser tag, climbing wall and more! you can sit back and relax whilst the kids go wild.

What To Take To Noosa North Shore

With the Noosa North Shore being a ferry trip away, it’s better to make sure you have all the gear you need!


If you’re driving on the beach make sure you have the right vehicle! High clearance, four-wheel-drive vehicles with low range functions are strongly recommended by the parks department as all-wheel drive vehicles don’t have the clearance necessary for beach driving. If you don’t have a 4WD there’s plenty of places you can hire one from for your trip! First time driving on the beach? Check out our top tips for driving safely!

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Even with COVID-19 causing most stores to go cashless, the Noosa Ferry only takes cash payment. It’s currently $8 each way for standard cars and 4WD, cars with caravans is $17 each way. 


Before embarking on your journey make sure you have the right permits needed for camping and driving on the beach – yes even if you’re just there for the day. 


If you’re planning on staying the night make sure you bring all your groceries as there is no grocery store on the island!  It’s recommended that you bring 2L of drinking water per person, with other water required when camping for other activities, to be safe make sure you have about 6L per person.


Beach games, cricket, footy and more! Enjoy a few laughs, and splashes while soaking up the sun.

Need To Know

The Noosa North Shore is a national park with plenty of regulations in place to keep it pristine and safe. 

Driving on the beach

There is no driving on the beach allowed between the first and third cuttings, but if you are driving on the beach you will need a permit!


There are only two spots along the Noosa North Shore where fires are allowed, the camping areas on Teewah beach and Poverty Point. In all other eras where fires are banned cooking must only be done on gas appliances at the campground. 

Low tide

If you’re planning to drive on the beach make sure you only do so during low tide. Driving whilst its high tide can lead to some unfortunate bogging and getting stuck on the beach.

If you’re looking for either a day trip, weekend or longer, Noosa North Shore definitely won’t disappoint! With something for everyone, you’ll definitely be the hero for suggesting it! 

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Noosa Northshore Beach Map