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You will come across the charismatic town of Theodore, QLD in the Banana Shire. The Dawson River is connected to this small town filled with rich culture and history. In fact, Theodore is the first town in Queensland to have roundabouts.

Theodore has some amazing places to explore if you are willing to take the time and look into this Banana Shire Queensland gem. It was originally established as part of Queensland Premier Ted Theodore’s ambitious Dawson River Irrigation schemes.

Theodore, QLD

Located just off the Leichhardt Highway, Theodore is around 565 kilometres north-west of Brisbane. Just south of the town centre, Dawson River meets up with Castle Creeks, which flows through Theodore.
This charming little town offers some great things for fishermen and campers, with a number of close-by attractions. From Rose’s Garden to the Dawson Folk museum, you’ll learn a lot about this riverside town and its old-time charm.

Hotel Theodore

Heritage-listed, the Theodore pub is known for its unusual design and for its owner— the community. That’s right, a community-owned pub and hotel! This hotel was initially a boarding house to welcome Theodore’s original residents, but now stands as a place to welcome Theodore tourists.

Hotel Theodore
The Theodore Hotel is located in the centre of town

Dawson River Cruising

Campr Host Dean Miller says that a Dawson River cruise is an amazing way to experience the natural beauty of the Dawson River. “One of the must-dos in Theodore is an afternoon sunset cruise on the Dawson River and a cold beer with a few of the locals.” “The Dawson is not only pretty, but she’s also the lifeblood of this part of Central Queensland,” Dean says.

Chairman of Theodore Pub Chris Holmes says the Dawson River is a fantastic place to come and visit which is why the town is working to create more activities on the water. “We’ve got a great venue here we need to utilise it a lot more,” Chris says.

Dawson River at Theodore QLD
Explore Theodore, Queensland!

Local Collective

Theodore even has a bit of artistic flair with their ‘Local Collective’. Local artists bring in their work to be showcased and sold at Theodore Home and Garden Cafe. Jess from the Theodore Home and Garden Cafe said that Theodore locals produce some amazing works that are presented on the walls of the cafe’s Local Collective. “We have many talented people here [in Theodore],” she says.

More on Theodore

Chris says that there are many more things to do in Theodore and the area surrounding. “We’ve got the Isla Gorge not far from town. Then we’ve got Old Convict Road,” Chris says. “There’s a lot of things to look at here, to come out and just take the time to look at it the history here.” “They do say, Once you’ve drunk the Dawson water you’ll never leave,” he says.

Theodore QLD

Don’t forget to check out Episode 38 of the Campr series for our guide to the town of Theodore.

Hotel Theodore

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