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This Island Is Covered In Crabs Right Now!


It is estimated that 40 – 50 million of these little crabs live in their little hidey holes all over the island. Yes, 40 to 50 million crabs. Probably not the best place to visit if you’re allergic to shellfish. 

Christmas Island in Western Australia is known for its beautiful beaches, views and crabs. Every year after the first rainfall between October and November these red crabs will make their way across the island to reach the ocean to breed. This is one of the world’s largest animal migrations and something that Sir David Attenborough once called ‘one of his greatest tv moments’. 

This migration is one of the biggest attractions on Christmas Island and is something you can go and watch! There are bridges to help the crabs cross as well as sometimes road closures to ensure the safety of these little critters. 

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