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Top 25 Things To Do in Queensland With Kids These Holidays


It can be tough trying to figure out how to keep the little ones entertained over the school holidays. We’ve created a list with plenty of ideas and places to go across Queensland to help you plan out the school holidays. 

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National Parks/Waterfalls

Let the kids run around, explore and enjoy the wonder of Queensland’s most beautiful national parks! A few even have waterfalls that they can swim and cool down in, or just enjoy the beauty of nature.

Bunya Mountains – Bunya

Rising abruptly in the Western Downs region of Queensland, the Bunya Mountains are an enchanting place to explore. Plenty of hiking trails, clearings for picnics and even a historical cottage.

Kondalilla Falls– Sunshine Coast

A stunning location with picnic areas and barbecues at the top of the national park. It’s a winding walk through the stunning natural surrounds, to get down to the watering hole with a waterfall but once you’re there it’s incredible. 

Fraser Island – South East Queensland

The Great Sandy National Park has plenty of fun for kids no matter where you go! Lake McKenzie, Champagne Pools and Eli Creek are all fun for swimming, hike across an ancient sand blow or just chill out on the beach.

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Double Island Point – South East Queensland

With really gorgeous views, a walking trail up to a lighthouse and the chance to cool down in the glistening waters filled with dolphins and whales Double Island Point has everything you need for a relaxing day. 

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Paronella Park – Far North Queensland

An enchanting, greenery covered castle ruin is the biggest attraction of Paronella Park. With a magical castle experience, the grounds are even more incredible! With a stunning forest, wildlife and fish feeding and even camp/caravan grounds to stay at.

Eungella National Park – Mackay

Eungella is one of the most ecologically diverse places in Queensland, when you visit and journey through the park it’ll be an experience like no other. Plenty of picnic places, half day and full day walks there’s still plenty to see.

Source: queensland.com

Interactive Activities

Sometimes a little treat excursion for the kids is needed and if you’re looking for something a bit more exciting, boy do we have a few ideas for you!

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Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary – Brisbane

Cuddling koalas, befriending kangaroos and learning about Australia’s native flora and fauna are all things you can do at Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary in Brisbane’s West. 

Australia Zoo – Sunshine Coast

An Australian Icon and a classic that will absolutely delight anyone who goes, yes even parents! With so many different animals, shows and things to see Australia Zoo is an instant hit with anyone!

Mini Golf, Rock Climbing, Bowling, Laser tag – All over Queensland

These are school holiday staples that immediately excite and delight every child at the mere words being said. 

Treetop Challenge – Gold Coast

This is one for the older kids – Challenge them to a high ropes course, that’ll have them climbing all over trees in the Gold Coast hinterlands. 

Ginger Factory – Sunshine Coast

A Sunny Coast staple visit for children for so many years, The Ginger Factory is a deliciously delightful place with its train, live bee shows and it’s own ride, Overboard.

Farm Stays – All Over

A farm stay is perfect for a kid living close to the city and giving them an experience they will never forget! Immerse them in the farm life, helping milk cows, fetch eggs and enjoy the world of farm life.

Disney Open Air Cinema – Brisbane

Over the next few weeks, Brisbane’s Open Air Cinema is setting up a Disney drive-in theatre! Playing all the old favourites and some of the new ones too! 

Aqua Park – Sunshine Coast, Mackay, Gold Coast

Up and down the Queensland coast there are different Aqua Fun Parks set up ready for the school holidays, bookings essential and COVID procedures firmly in place!

Kuranda Scenic Railway & Skyrail CablewayFar North Queensland

Take your kids on a journey through a forest that’s millions of years old, with an incredible history and view. Whether it’s by train or the Skyrail’s Cableway, your journey through the World’s Oldest rainforest is going to be one to remember.

Mary Valley Rattler – Gympie

The Mary Valley Rattler is an iconic trip along the Mary Valley, using the old school railway from back in the 1800s, immerse yourself in Queensland’s history.

Source: Facebook.com/maryvalleyrattler

Museums/Educational Activities

Fun can also be educational and using their noggin as well as having fun over school holidays is so important! That’s why we’ve compiled a list of educational and fun activities for the kids. 

Qantas Founders Museum – Longreach

Learn about Qantas’s history servicing outback Queensland up until now! There are interactive exhibits, lifesize models and a beautiful light show at night displayed on a Boeing 747.

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Reef HQFar North Queensland

Reef HQ is the national education centre for the Great Barrier Reef, it is also the largest living coral reef aquarium in the world. A perfect place to learn about the importance and beauty of Australia’s very own Great Barrier Reef.

SeaLife Aquarium – Sunshine Coast

Aptly named SeaLife as they have all sorts of sea life and the experts are more than knowledgeable about each and every one of them. Seeing the animals and other sea life up close is a fantastic way to teach children about marine life.

Tjapukai Aboriginal Cultural ParkFar North Queensland

Discover the world’s oldest living culture, spanning back 40,000 years; gain a deeper understanding of the diverse history and culture of the Aboriginal people. With an immersive experience of food, dance and the arts. 

Crocodile SafariFar North Queensland

A unique Australian nature experience, Crocodile Safari is a boat tour going through the Whitsundays where you can get up close to wild crocodiles – not too close though. 

Abbey Museum – Brisbane

Known mostly for the exciting Medieval Fest, the Abbey Museum of Art and Archaeology is a fascinating place to visit with their focus on world history and preserving culture. 

Undara Volcanic National ParkFar North Queensland

The Undara is one of the longest lava tubes in the world, and you can explore it and even sleep in an antique railway carriage inside. The Undara Volcanic National park experience caters to all ages and ability levels. 

Free Activities

Sometimes the holiday budget is a bit tight, so here are a few free activities – other than visiting Queensland’s beautiful national parks.


Find the nearest beach, creek, lake or jetty and wet a line. Fun for the whole family, especially finding worms in your backyard first! 

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Best time of year to pitch a tent! While a lot of the campgrounds would be booked out, check out Hipcamp where you can find amazing spots to camp on private land.

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Historic Village of HerbertonFar North Queensland

Take a trip back to the olden times, and wander around a village preserved in the 1880s. It will feel like you’re walking onto a film set, with thousands of period accurate antiques and a wealth of information about life in North Queensland way back when. 

GOMA, The Queensland Museum & SparkLab Science Centre – Brisbane

GOMA, filled with art and culture, Queensland Museum and SparkLab, a world of science and discovery, is the perfect place to take the kids these school holidays. Hands-on learning in a way that will keep the kids interested and enjoying themselves! Note: GOMA and The Queensland Museum are free entry but Spark Lab has an entry fee. 

Muttaburra Dinosaurs – Longreach

Muttaburra is home to the second most complete dinosaur skeleton found in Australia, the aptly named Muttaburrasaurus. They have built an exhibit where you and the kids can learn all about the world of the Muttaburrasaurus.