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The top 5 locations to visit in Banana Shire


From Lake Callide to Kroombit Tops, we discover the Top 5 places to visit in the Banana Shire. Check out the first part of the Banana Shire trip here. Follow us on a countdown through the most popular tourist destinations in and around Biloela, Queensland. If you’re travelling up north, you don’t want to miss stopping off at these beautifully scenic locations.



Top 5 places to visit in Banana Shire:

  1. Catch barramundi in Lake Callide
  2. Visit Beautiful Betsy at Koombit Tops
  3. Take a sunset Cruise on the Dawson River
  4. Stay the night at the Theodore Hotel & Cabins
  5. Uncover the traffic stopper snack spot in Taroom

Things to do in banana, QLD

1. Catch barramundi in Lake Callide

Lake Callide is home to the beautiful Lake Callide Retreat. Located in the Banana Shire, the retreat is one of sandstone wonders best camping spot. With the Lake Callide Retreat, only a stone through away from the water, you really don’t want to miss out on taking the boat out for a fish. Read more on Lake Callide retreat here.

Lake callide banana shire
Lake Callide, Banana Shire

2. Visit Beautiful Betsy at Koombit Tops

A place kept secret for the past 49 years, the Beautiful Betsy at the top of Kroombit Tops is now a tourist attraction. Beautiful Betsy is a wreckage of a US bomber which crashed back in 1945 during the second world war. The wreckage remains in the exact spot where it crashed during its trip from Darwin to Brisbane. To find out more about Koombit tops and the beautiful Betsy in our Beautiful Betsy article.

beautiful betsy kroombit tops
Beautiful Betsy Plane Replica

3. Take a sunset cruise on the Dawson River

dawson river theodore
Afternoon cruise down the Dawson River

One of the must do’s in Theodore is taking an afternoon cruise on the Dawson River. The Dawson River is the lifeblood of the Banana Shire area in central Queensland. It provides a lot of water for the farmers, as well as a perfect spot for fishing. Theodore, a must stop in the Banana Shire. Don’t forget to check out the Dawson River whilst you’re there.

4. Stay the night at the Theodore Hotel & Cabins

hotel theodore
Hotel Theodore community-owned pub

Another must-see in Theodore is the Theodore Hotel. Owned by the community, this hotel is heritage listed due to its age and interesting architectural design. You can also stay at the Hotel Theodore in one of their available cabins with meals available 7 days a week. Being the Only Co-operated hotel in Australia it is definitely a fascinating place to check out. Find out more about the Theodore hotel here.

5.Uncover the traffic stopper snack spot in Taroom

In central Queensland, there is a little rural town called Taroom. About 300km west of the bruce highway, this little town is home of the Ima cafe. Don’t worry though, you’ll be able to spot it from a mile away with its striking red and white decor. Click here for more information on Taroom and Ima Cafe.

ima cafe taroom
Ima Cafe in Taroom

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