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Top 5 Tips – Driving On The Beach Safely


From Moreton and Fraser to Double Island, our ‘Camprs’ are pretty spoiled for choice when it comes to beach four-wheel driving. With great four-wheel drive beaches comes great responsibility, so the Campr team wanted to share five of our quick and easy beach etiquette tips.



1. Indicate When Approaching Another Car, Stay Left

Indicators are a great tool for communicating with other drivers. You know that awkward dance where you don’t know whether one person is gonna go high or one person is gonna go low— that’s where indication works well. When approaching another car use your indicator to suggest which side you will be passing on.

Tip 1 – Use your indicator


2. Slow Down For People

The beach is often full of families and fisherman having fun. Mix this with the sound of waves and wind and it’s often hard for pedestrians to hear passing vehicles. Our tip is always remember to keep alert and slow down when you see others on the beach.

Tip 2 – Slow down


3. Stay Away From Dunes

Be sure to stay away from the sand dunes. Sand dunes take years to form and are mother natures way of protecting our beautiful beaches and the inland areas from coastal water intrusion. A mindful driver will steer clear and leave the natural beauties be.

Tip 3 – Stay away from sand dunes


4. Road Rules & Speed Limits Apply

Don’t forget that when driving on the beach all the normal road rules apply. This means stick to the speed limit and make sure you always wear your seatbelt.

Tip 4 – Road rules apply


5. Parking On The Beach

When parking on the beach, park up nice and high to give room along the beach and point your nose downhill. This will show other drivers you vehicle is parked and out of the path and makes it easier for you when it’s time to pull away. Plus, who wouldn’t want a nice view of the surf from the front seat!

Tip 5 – Parking on the beach

If your heading to Fraser Island make sure to watch our beach driving checklist.

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