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Touring Through Dundee Beach | Campr Darwin Trip Pt 1


One of Darwin’s best-kept secrets, Dundee Beach. This week on Campr Dean shows you around this special destination and all it has to offer. Where to stay, what to catch and how to cook it! Owie, the unofficial Mayor of Dundee takes us around town to show us all the top attractions. First stop, the local airport. Unfortunately, there were no A380’s or 747’s insight, however, we did manage hit the runway and catch some air of our own.

Second stop, the infamous Dundee Beach, where Owie and I take a cruise along to one of the secluded beach fronts. With the freedom to cruise along the beaches, 9 times out of 10 you’ll be the only one on the beach. These secluded beaches are a scenic beauty with clear waters, rocky terrain and warm breezes. You’ll definitely want to pack up your city life and escape once you’ve seen this view.

Dundee Beach History

What you might not know about the history of Dundee beach, is that in 1942 Darwin was subject to bombing in the II world war.  The largest single attack ever mounted by a foreign power in Australia. 242 Japanese Aircrafts, over two separate raids attached the town of Dundee with ships in the darling harbour and surrounding areas were also affected. You can visit the town memorial at the Dundee Memorial Park. The town of Dundee beach is proud of their memorial, which is a pretty good indication of the type of community that lives here.

dundee beach darwin
Dundee Beach at the “Top End” of Australia
dundee beach accommodation
The Lodge of Dundee, Darwin

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skippers at dundee beach

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