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“Travel west young man” was an adage used in the past to entice folks into the outback – a world full of adventure and mystery. Today, travel west and your journey will still be filled with adventure, but luckily, you don’t have to take the rutted bush tracks of the past. Mostly sealed bitumen roads lead to you to new and exciting places, where the people are friendly and appreciative you’ve made the journey into their part of Australia, and the view’s different each step of the way.

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The Warrego Way starts at the Sunshine State’s capital, Brisbane, and finishes in the iconic and remote Birdsville. Along the way, you can see ancient trees from the dinosaur age, endangered mammals, unwind in the soothing waters from the sub artesian basin, delight in yarns told over country bars, or just relax and enjoy the brilliant sunsets and starry nights.

A: Start Brisbane QLD, B: Roma QLD, C: Charleville Cosmos & Visitor Information Centre, D: Quilpie QLD, E: Windorah QLD, F: Birdsville Hotel

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