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Take the scenic route with the Outback Queensland! The Warrego Way is the ultimate road trip for all adventure-seeking ‘Camprs’. Whether in your 4WD or on a motorbike, this 1578 Kilometre journey is one not to be missed.

Cruise through on the great Warrego highway from the capital of the Sunshine State, Brisbane to the iconic outback town, Birdsville. The journey to Birdsville will take you to many great locations and must-see Australian landmarks. You will pass amazing gardens and national parks, cultural and historical museums, and meet some incredibly chatty characters along the way.

Stop 5 Birdsville Hotel
The Warrego Way, one of Queensland’s iconic drives

Warrego Way Drive

On your adventure down the Warrego Way, you will see ancient trees, endangered animals, water streams and falls, old country bars, brilliant sunsets and breathtaking starry nights. A trip along Warrego’s bitumen highway provides travellers with all the wonders of Outback Queensland.

There are a number of gorgeous and brilliant cities in which you will travel through along your way to the centre of Australia. Whilst we shared our top 5 best stops along the way. There are still a number of townships which we believe deserve a mention. These towns include:

  • Brisbane
  • Toowoomba
  • Dalby
  • Chinchilla
  • Miles
  • Roma
  • Mitchell
  • Morven
  • Charleville
  • Quilpie
  • Eromanga
  • Windorah
  • Betoota
  • Birdsville

All these townships offer beautiful and amazing and unique qualities from Workshops Rail Museum between Brisbane and Ipswich, to the Japanese Garden in Toowoomba, the Melon Festival in Chincilla, Miles Historical Village, Roma Salesyards out west, Artesian spas in Michell, Charleville Cosmos Centre, Baldy Top Looking hear Quilpie, the Natural History Museum in Eromanga and more. Whether you’re travelling from west to east or from the eastern shore inland, there are so many amazing things to see and do in this beautiful country.

Warrego Way Drive
Cross Vast landscapes of the countryside on your drive along Warrego Way

If you’re planning a trip along the Warrego way, or Adventure Highway, remember that life is a journey, not a destination! Enjoy the everchanging landscapes along the way and take in the unique characteristics of these small country towns, because you won’t find anything like them.

To learn more about Warrego Way, Check out Campr’s Top 5 Stops along the Warrego Way Drive for some more of our favourites. You can also learn about Adventure way by checking out our top 5 stops.

Warrego Way Stops
Take your trip out west along the Warrego Way

A: Start Brisbane QLD, B: Roma QLD, C: Charleville Cosmos & Visitor Information Centre, D: Quilpie QLD, E: Windorah QLD, F: Birdsville Hotel

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