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Weipa, Cape York – Black Spot Tuskies Fishing


A prized catch in Weipa is the Black Spot Tuskies. Renowned for their pulling power and delicious eating, we make our way out on the water. Right at the tip of Cape York, we head out with a couple of Bronco Brother’s who love their fishing. Jack Reed and Jharal Yow Yeh have come a long way to visit this football-crazed town with the opportunity to meet a couple of their real-life heroes as part of the Weipa Fishing Classic.


The Fishing classic is Weipa’s largest community event, being held every year around the first and second weekend of June. Every year the people in town buy a key ring to share in the hundreds of thousands of dollars in prizes. Don’t worry though, you don’t have to fish to be in the draw to win some of these awesome prizes. With prizes including 2 Fishing boats!

Black spot tuskies at weipa fishing classic
Fishing for Black Spot Tuskies at Weipa

Weipa Fishing Classic, Cape York

Whilst out on the water with the boys, we hit the Black Spot Tuskie jackpot! Fishing in a shallow depth of 8 metres, we caught some absolute beauties. The Great thing about fishing up in the gulf is the wide variety of fish. From Pelagic to estuarine and the prettiest of reef fish, you won’t be disappointed with your catch.

But if you think the fishing classic in Weipa, Cape York is just an event for fishing, you’re sorely wrong. There are a number of events and activities onshore to keep everyone entertained. Throw in casting competitions, live music and entertainment, dance groups, community displays, exhibits, food and drinks, you’ll have a full-on weekend of non-stop entertainment. Pack you’re bags and bring the family cause this is an event you don’t want to miss out on.

Weipa Fishing classic Cape York
Jack Reed and Jharal Yow Yeh at the Weipa Fishing Classic

The day produced some beautiful catches with the blokes in high spirits. Don’t forget to check out the Campr series for all the action at the Weipa Fishing Classic. As the Weipa Fishing Classic is on in June, it is a perfect time to visit and Qantaslink has return flights to Weipa daily. There are also plenty of charter operators in Weipa that you can book online.

weipa fishing classic cape york

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