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Weipa Fishing Classic 2018: Broncos VS Sharks


If you love your footy then the idea of a Bronco’s Sharks clash probably sounds like it would be worth watching. But in this Broncos and Sharks clash there is no grass or pigskin, no bright lights or referees.

No ladies and gentlemen its time for these Broncos Jack Reed and Jharal Yow Yeh to take on these Sharks in an epic battle where in this case the football is a Weipa football in the shape of a Longtail Tuna. It’s the Broncs v the Sharks and its time for kick off!

Both Jharal and Jack love there fishing but nothing could have prepared them for this Weipa fishing encounter. The Longtail school up, chasing Baitfish boiling on the surface and clearly, it’s not just us fisherman on the surface looking for a feed. That bloke there was as big as Paul Gallen and the look on Jharal’s face says it all.

The Weipa Fishing Classic will be on again in early June next year. Check the website for the details.

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