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Weipa Fishing Adventures Weipa Fishing Classic Promo


In Cape York, they measure the rain in meters not centimetres and all that rain has to go somewhere which explains why these river systems are so wide and long and full of fish! Some of the best estuarine fishing in the world happens right here along the drains and waterways that dump into the rivers near Weipa.

We’ve timed our trip to coincide with the annual Weipa Fishing Classic and brought along a couple of Broncos players with a penchant for a bent rod. Jack Reed and Jharal Yow Yeh. Yesterday with the boys was mad catching Longtail Tuna and Blackspot Tuskies out wide but today we have decided to stay inside and look for a Barra or two.

First, we get some livies in the cast net, big Barra and anything else down there can’t resist these baits and I have reminded the boys to be on the lookout for crocs there are plenty of them in this system. The boy’s species quota hasn’t varied much over the years from the odd Bream and small Flat-Head but I can assure you that is changing today.

Queenies, Estuarine, Cod, Fingermark, Salmon and Barra. The boys are having a ball! Weipa is a top spot for a few days away fishing, there are some great charter operators in the area and Qantas flies daily. The Weipa Fishing Classic is on in June, head to the website for all the details.

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