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Weipa Fishing Classic Promo 2019


Anyone who knows anything about professional athletes will know they are highly competitive. I don’t know if it was the heat or not on this day but Bronco Jack Read decided to don the blue jersey. Given he was born in the UK we were not surprised but in the interests of competition, he’s a good sport all the same.


Jharal on the other hand only knows Maroon and as a proud Queenslander wasn’t going to have it any other way. It’s Time for some State of Origin Fishing! While most of this week has been spent smashing big fish in the Gulf and river systems around Weipa, for the minute we seem to be sitting on top of a honey hole stacked with Bream.

Broncos Jack Reed and Jharal Yow Yeh at the Weipa Fishing Classic

So the ref has put 5 mins on the clock in this State vs State, Mate vs Mate encounter. Who is going to win this piscatorial battle? Let the fun and games begin! So there you have it folks, another nail-biter and fishing is the winner on the day.

Jharal and Jack love their fishing

The Weipa Fishing Classic is on in early June. Check out the website for more details. Don’t forget to check out Episode 14 of the Campr series for all the action at the Weipa Fishing Classic.

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