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What To Do When It Starts Raining When You’re Camping


Summer is definitely in our top four seasons to go camping. A beautiful time to go camping, so much scenery and right by the water for swims but unfortunately, it’s also the wet season. As we know too well, rain and thunderstorms can come on unexpectedly, and leave campsites soaked after just a few moments. Here are some useful tips to help you prepare for the wild summer weather while camping.

Tarp Is A Must

Tarps are now your new best friend. Get well acquainted and get a few, they will save your bacon when it starts to pour. Get all the necessary pegs, hooks and ropes to go along with them because what you’re going to do is put one above your tent, underneath and do the same for your outside living area. Even if you have the wet weather protector over your tent, it’s better to be doubled up then waking up inside a soggy tent. 

Waterproof Bag Everything

You can buy specific waterproof bags to put literally everything you need inside, or just use some trusty garbage bags. Keep all your clothes inside the bags at all times if it is raining or there’s a high possibility of it. Quick dry towels – microfiber towels – will also save you when anything has water on it and you need it dry! 

Make Sure Your Tent Won’t End Up In Any Puddles

Location, location, location! When picking your spot make sure you take in the rainfall, where is the best place to be safe from the rain. If it’s raining when setting up you’ll be able to spot all the puddles that are forming and avoid them. Where will the water run? Where will it fall off the tent? Make sure you ask yourself these questions before setting up your tent.

Food Without Cooking

It can be hard to cook your dinner over a fire if it’s raining so make sure you have some cooking free foods to eat – cheese boards, sandwiches and salads are super easy. If you do have space make sure you set up the stovetop away from the tents, in a well-ventilated area under the tarp. 

When Home, Dry It All Out!

Do not let your camping gear get all mouldy! At the first opportunity to do so air out all of your camping gear until it’s completely dry, you don’t want to pull it out next trip and have a smelly tent!

If there’s a serious storm coming when you’re camping, move to a safer location, to a safe vehicle or a building (such as a toilet block) that’s close by.
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