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Whitehaven Beach Ocean Swim


There is only one thing better than heading to the Whitsundays and that is going there for an event. Hamilton Islands Endurance Series Beach Ocean Swim at Whitehaven Beach. Dive in and experience Hamilton Island from a whole new perspective!


Whitehaven Beach, Hamilton Island

The Annual Whitehaven Beach Swim has swimmers from all over the country lining up for a Hamilton Island Holiday every November. Part of the Hamilton Islands Endurance series of events, the swim consists of a Junior Race, a 750m or 2km race…depending on your level of keenness.

Given the environment in which this swim is being conducted, I would be nominated for the race that keeps me in the water for as long as possible. Whitehaven has been voted one of the top ten beaches in the world for its pristine condition. The Azure blue water and fine white sand, are what some might say even nicer than Summer Bay!

hamilton island whitsundays
One of Australia’s most iconic beaches, Whitehaven!

One bloke who would have the answer is Ryan ‘Whippet’ Clark, who played Sam Marshall on TV Soapie ‘Home and Away’. He is also one of a contingent of Bondi Rescue lifeguards. He’s made the pilgrimage from Sydney to attend. He’s not the only superstar who attends these beach swims, there are also Olympian swimming superstar triathletes and other superheroes. There are even 70 somethings milking the very best from their healthy lifestyles.

Whitehaven Beach Ocean Swim Course

The course heads north with the current, which is a trick for young players as unlike swimming in a pool you have that same current to deal with on the way back to the finish line. Madam Butterfly herself, Olympic Champion Susie O’Neill contests the swim. She continues her long-running battle with husband Cliff over just who is quicker in the surf! It’s a magic day in a really special place.

whitehaven ocean swim
The annual 2km and 750m Whitehaven Beach Ocean Swim

Whitehaven is part of a World Heritage-listed Area, It’s a pristine national park that is strictly managed. It’s a massive effort for the Hamilton Island Team to set up the infrastructure here. Then having to take it all down leaving nothing but footprints till the tide comes back in. Hamilton Island CEO Glenn Bourke who incidentally also won his division says it’s totally worth all the effort to get here and put the event on. And I would have to say I would agree!

How To Register

Want to try something truly unique on your next Whitsunday holiday? Register for the 2020 Whitehaven Beach Swim. All the Hamilton Island info on where to stay and what to do can be found at the Hamilton website. Have a look at another huge event at Hamilton Island called Race Week, check out Campr’s 2019 Race Week episode.

Whitehaven beach swim
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