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Why You Should Make Biloela Your Next Trip


Outback Queensland is a stunning expansive area that more people are starting to explore as international travel is now off the cards. Places such as the iconic towns of Biloela and Longreach are busier than ever. Biloela (pronounced ‘bill-oh-wheelah’) is set up for visitors with plenty of historic sites, national parks and more to see than one might initially expect. An outback town that has merged the old and new seamlessly, a friendly and welcoming place, Biloela will make you feel you’ve stepped back in time. 

Where is Biloela? 

The lovely Outback town of Biloela is located just a few hours west of the coastal town of Gladstone. It’s found within The Banana Shire and the aptly named Sandstone Wonders, the area is home to the outback towns of Banana, Thangool, and Theodore. If you’re travelling from Brisbane, you can be in Biloela in just over 6 hours when coming on the Burnett Highway.


Lake Callide Retreat

Located right on the stunning waterfront of Lake Callide, Lake Callide Retreat is one of the best places to stay when visiting Biloela. You can stay just a stone’s throw from the water on one of their powered or unpowered camping/caravanning sites. With full amenities, cabins, children’s playground, laundry and camp kitchen, Lake Callide Retreat has everything you need. They also have kayaks, stand up paddleboards, fishing equipment and more so you can enjoy the lovely lake water.

Discovery Parks

A less than 10-minute walk from the heart of Biloela shopping district, Discovery Parks is a great home base in Biloela for anyone looking to explore the region. They have cabins and camping sites with powered and unpowered sites available for visitors. Discovery Parks also has a swimming pool, BBQ areas, a dining hall, wireless internet and more! They’ve made sure that you have everything you need to make sure you enjoy your stay in Biloela.

Things To Do

Callide Dam 

Being a few hours away from the coast you wouldn’t expect an incredible fishing spot where you can catch a wide variety of fish but that’s what makes Biloela so great. There’s plenty of cod, barra, golden and silver perch swimming around just waiting for you to arrive. Biloela’s Callide Dam also has red claw crayfish in abundance and is a local favourite. If fishing hasn’t tired you out yet, Lake Callide Retreat has water activities for you to hire, such as kayaks and stand up paddleboards. They also have quite a few BBQ’s, picnic shelters, and other amenities to make sure you make the most of your time there. 

Kroombit Tops

Not far from Biloela is the incredibly national park Kroombit Tops. This national park definitely stands out from the others, Kroombit Tops is home to a WWII plane crash site. In 1945 Beautiful Betsy a liberator bomber plane crashed into the mountain and has been preserved since. The full story of Betsy and her pilot is up on signs around the crash site. The national park is a fantastic place to visit for families and experienced hikers with different lengths of walks available. There are also three 4WD tracks, the Razorback, the Loop and the Bomber crash site, each one of these tracks are for high clearance 4WD and experienced drivers only.

Heritage Park and Homestead 

When visiting Biloela you’ll notice how in touch with their history the town is and how much they embrace it. So much so that The Queensland Heritage Park has the old Silo from the original Brisbane Cultural Expo in 1988, out the front, the Silo being originally built to showcase the rich primary industries of Australia. The Park takes you through the pioneering history of Australia. Set upon a beautiful lake, the Heritage Park is so picturesque that they even have attached a campsite and an onsite cafe. For more history, barely 1km down the road is the Greycliffe Homestead, an authentic slice of life from the 1800s. If you wish to visit Graycliffe, you have to call and make an appointment as they’re not open all the time.

Spirit Of The Land

You wouldn’t expect a water tower to be such a fascinating place but in Biloela, its a must-see. The Biloela water tower has a 100m mural that shows the connection between the settlers and the indigenous people. The incredible art was painted by two local artists and has 15 interpretative signs going from indigenous beginnings to pioneer settlements.  

Mount Scoria

A musical mountain formed by volcanic activity millions of years ago sounds unreal but it is! Mount Scoria in Biloela has multi-sided rocks shaped into vertical pillars that look as though they’ve been cut at the top as they’re completely flat and when struck make a musical sound. Mount Scoria also has a beautiful walking track with informative signs that tell you all about the mountain, its history and its cultural significance to the Gangulu people. You can also enjoy a picnic, go birdwatching or enjoy the native wildlife that calls Mount Scoria home.

Cheat Sheet:

Where Can I Fish In Biloela?

Lake Callide is known as one of the best fishing spots in The Banana Shire and Outback Queensland. Click here for more information.

Where Can I 4WD In Biloela?

Kroombit Tops National Park has 3 high clearance 4WD tracks, The Razorback, The Loop and The Bomber Crash Site, that all require experienced drivers. Click here for more information.