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There’s caravans and there’s caravans…

Mine is the Jayco Journey ..our home away from home on this outback adventure but my friends Pete and Julie have arrived in their Cessna Caravan all the way from Lady Elliot Island on the Great Barrier Reef. They have flown out for a few days to take a look around at what Outback Queensland is offering for travellers.
We plan to cover a bit of country over the next few days taking in the very new and the very old.

Apart from looking after Lady Elliot, Peter and Julie also own and run Sea Air Aviation out of the Gold Coast. They are a very busy couple!
Peter loving aircraft like he does was always going to be a big fan of Longreach’s latest tourist attraction …Luminescence Longreach.
To celebrate Qantas’s 100th Anniversary at the airline’s birthplace, something very special is happening and it will remain here as a must-do when you visit.
We were very kindly invited along for its trial run.

Longreach is the hub of the west. Drive 100 k’s in any direction and you will bump into a town…Or in this case a very large fish.Welcome to Isisford, smack bang in the middle of Yellowbelly country and while they grow pretty big, this is one of the biggest I have seen

Isisford is steeped in bush history.It rests on the banks of the Barcoo River and walking down the main street is like stepping back in time in a virtual museum … This old Bakery is a classic example of a tactile reminder of how work and life used to be.
It looks like the baker just walked out the back door.

There’s lots to do in the Outback but no day finishes better than one aboard the MV Longreach on a sunset cruise of the Thomson River with Smithy. from Outback Aussie Tours .
They call it the cleanest river in the country because there’s no p in Thomson …get it ..

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