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The Latest In Recovery Kit Technology – ARB Tred Pro


Roger Vickery showcases the Tred Pro from ARB 4x4 Accessories. Designed especially for when you find yourself stuck off-road without any help in sight. Now, you have heard of Max Trax, well these new tracks are called the Tred Pro. The latest product in 4WD recovery kit equipment, they’ve got a number of new designs and features to help you get out of any sticky situation.

Similar in design to the Max Trax product, the new Tred Pro has some noticeable alterations. These alterations make the world of difference when it comes to rolling out of a jam. Bringing exclusive stock to their stores, ARB has partnered up with TRED. Providing the public with these awesome new recovery kits.

arb tred pro recovery kit
Precisely placed nodules provide optimal grip

What Does The TRED PRO Have To Offer?

With unique patented exotred dual composite design the Tred Pro is comprised of multiple moulding processors. As well as materials which result in a flexible board with glass-filled nylon nodules. These nodules offer far greater resistance melting under the hot turning wheels and pressure of the tyre spin.

The convex to concave construction allows the TRED Pro to envelop around the tyre in the early stages of the recovery process. This concave construction ensures coverage and traction gain. The convex shape offers the tyre a robust platform to rise out on to a more firm surface.

The nodules, unlike the Max Trax, have been precisely placed on the board. Matching a large number of 4WD tread patterns to allow the tyre to grip.

Aside from the Max Trax only coming in a singular colour, the TRED Pro comes in different colours, with the addition of a leash for a faster recovery after using them.

ARB recovery kit tred pro max trax upgrade
Combat trouble when you lose traction

The ARB Tred Pro is the ultimate recovery device to help you get out of trouble when traction is lost in sand, mud and even snow. Check out some more Campr Tech videos here.

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