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Best 4×4 Air Compressor – Bushranger Maxair 3 Test & Review


We head up Bribe Island to take a look at the Max Air III Compressor from Bushranger 4x4 Gear. This portable air compressor has been developed to support all your air-supply needs, inflating and deflating quickly all while being easy to use. Whilst on a lot of our beach trips we’re talked about the importance of decompressing your tyres for beach driving. One thing we haven’t talked about is pumping them back up. We take the Bushranger Maxair 3 out for a spin to show you all the bells and whistles whilst we test out the new product.

Enormously important as it’s not only really bad for your tyres to drive on bitumen road or low tide sand with low pumped tyres, it can also be quite dangerous! If you on doing a lot of serious 4WDriving, it’s a good idea to buy an air compressor, and that’s where the Max Air iii comes in.

Bushranger Max Air 3 compressor
Bushranger MaxAir III compressor

Max Air 3 Compressor

Compact and convenient, this air compressor will help cover an assortment of jobs whilst also keeping you and your travel companions safe. It’s important to purchase an air compressor with a decent motor like the Max air 3. The best thing about an air compressor is their ability to provide you with independence, which every 4WD wants.

Max Air 3 Features

  • Delivers 66 L of air a minute
  • 12-volt motor and air pump
  • built-in deflator button
  • Thermal overload protection
  • Back-lit display system
  • Pressure Switch
  • Max pressure 150 PSI
  • Robust carry bag with additional pockets
  • Heavy-duty power lead
Max Air iii compressor
Bushranger MaxAir III unboxing

What Comes in the Box?

  • The Compressor
  • 9-metre long flexible air hose
  • Hard mount kit for permanently fitting in under the bonnet
  • Trigger style inflation gun (For inflating and deflating)
  • LED-backlit digital display
  • Thick power cables
  • Alligator clips
  • 40A inline fuse to protect from electrical damages
  • 3 Additional nozzles
  • Carry bag

How to Use the Air Compressor

  1. Connect the two alligator clips (Make sure they are connected to the correct battery terminals)
  2. Plugin the air-line hose
  3. Connect the trigger
  4. Then, switch the unit on

To control the flow of air:

  1. Connect the trigger to a tyre
  2. Press the lever to activate the compressor
  3. To stop if from pushing air – Let go of the lever

With this feature, you can easily monitor your tyre pressure without having to physically switch the compressor on and off each time. For more information on the Bush Ranger Max Air 3, head to their website. For more Bushranger product and Campr Tech head to their videos here.

bushranger air compressor

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