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Expedition National Park


Today we explore a region that we’ve been looking forward to for a long time. The Robinson Gorge Section of Expedition National Park about 500ks North West of Brisbane. Frank Smallwood is our guide to one of the lesser-known but perhaps most beautiful parts of our State. They refer to this region as The Sandstone Wonders and for good reason. Today we’re out of the cars and on the hoof, for a close-up and personal look at some amazing country. Flagstaff Lookout is our first port of call.

But the main event is Expedition National Park and we roll into this remote camping region in the late afternoon and set up camp have dinner and an early night in preparation for the day ahead. The road less travelled can be a rewarding experience we are in the Robinson Gorge section of Expedition National Park. Extremely remote and eerily quiet, a long way from…anywhere.

walks through Expedition National Park
View at Expedition National Park

Expedition National Park

The Expedition National park has 3 separate sections in which you can visit and walk. Access to the Robinson Gorge is via Taroom or Bauhinia Downs. Access to both the Lonesome and Beilba sections can be taken via Injune. There is roughly a 5 to 6-hour drive between Robinson Gorge and the Lonesome and Beilba sections. Keeping in mind that wet weather may cause some issues, unsafeness or inaccessibility to these roads.

Robinson Gorge & Lookout Walk

Around 90km north-west of Taroom, you can take the gravel road up to the Robinson Gorge. Unfortunately, if you are planning on making your way up to the top, it’s important to be aware that the last 16km are only accessible with a 4WD.

The walk into the Robinson Gorge is about three kilometres of flat well-signed track. Our first look at the gorge from the lookout left us in no doubt the trip is definitely worth the effort. From here we backtrack slightly and head down into the Gorge itself to feel the enormity of the Sandstone cliffs around us. Our mate Frank is a big fan of this place and is in his element. Expedition National Park is a rare gem in an area of the country that definitely demands some extra attention, put it on your list!

Robinson Gorge in Expedition National Park
Robinson Gorge in Expedition National Park


Located just 37km north of Injune, you can travel along the Carnarvon Developmental Road. Once you reach Arcadia Valley Access road, turn right and head along another 18km to Lonesome. This track is suitable for all vehicle types, so you can still hit the road in your 2WD.


The most remote section of the park, you can get access via Carnarvon Developmental Road. Travelling 26km before turning right onto Fairview Road. Once you’ve reached Beilba Road, take a left here. Once you’re on Beilba Road, continue another 30km until you reach the park. This trip is only accessible by 4WD and it is recommended that you do not take caravans or larger vehicles along this drive.

Camping at Expedition Range National Park

With Camping available throughout the park, you can enjoy various bush camping sites. The park offers a number of facilities throughout including toilets and some picnic tables. As the National park is quite secluded, it is important to bring everything that you need including water, food, fuel and emergency supplies. Within the park, there are three main camping areas including the Starkvale Bush Camping area, Lonesome Bush Camping area and Beilba Bush Camping area. For more information on how to access these campsites, visit the Sandstone Wonders website.

Expedition National Park Camping
Campsite in Expedition Range National Park

There are so many out of the way places filled with natural beauty that I urge you to get out of your comfort zone and not go back to the same old places, rather head to The Banana Shire. Head to the OQTA website for all the info on Expedition National Park and the Sandstone Wonders region.

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