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ARB Soft Connect Shackle, Soft Shackle Alternative


Staying safe is paramount in every recovery situation. Having the right gear that is correctly rated should be at the forefront when selecting recovery equipment for your situation. The ARB Soft Connect Shackle is the latest in recovery equipment.


Introducing the ARB Soft Connect Shackle to the recovery line up. The Shackle acts as a fuse in a recovery situation, breaking before any metal components it’s attached too. The ARB Soft Connect Shackle also provides flexibility for attaching your strap to a rated recovery point on your vehicle.

Recovery Equipment & D Shackles

Over the years, you may have seen or heard a lot of bad things about recovery equipment and snatch straps. Causing dangerous situations, injuring or hurting innocent bystanders whilst trying to recover a car from a bad situation. Well, Roger explains what is actually dangerous about your snatch strap equipment.

Recovery equipment
D shackles are the most dangerous part of recovery

The snatch strap itself is not what causing injury or damage to your car or people, it is the metal D shackle. This D shackle is the lock between your snatch strap and car, essentially fixed to a giant rubber band, which is your snatch strap. The biggest issues with snatch straps and D shackles, is the misuse and incorrect attachment on to the car. It’s important that you know the difference between a recovery point and a tie-down hook. A tie-down hook is not designed to have a D shackle and snatch strap attached to it. This tie-down hook is the biggest cause of damage to fourbies and their surrounding, as it can tear and send the D shackle and strap flying into an unknown direction.

Thankfully, ARB has come up with a brand new and safe solution for trucks and potential bystanders. The Soft Connect Shackle.

ARB Soft Connect Shackle

This light and heavy-duty recovery equipment is a safe and strong solution for the D shackle, that won’t hurt anyone or anything nearby. Standing around 14 tonnes, this shackle can easily be thread through a rated recovery point, pass it through the snatch strap and place its knot through the other end of the shackle and you’re ready to go.

soft shackle
Introducing the ARB Soft Connect Shackle to the recovery line up

This shackle is rated at 14.5T breaking strength which means it is suitable for vehicles up to 3.5T. The Soft Shackle is engineered to float in water and provide superior strength during recoveries. The rope of the shackle is surrounded by a Hypalon sleeve which provides extra protection to the rope from cuts and other abrasions. The Shackle also has a 2-year warranty against defects on the Hypalon sleeve for superior abrasion resistance.

snatch strap recovery equipment
Staying safe is paramount in every recovery situation

If you’re looking to buy one of these Soft Connect Shackles, you can head to their website to find the nearest ARB store to you. Head to their website to learn more about recovery equipment and the best equipment for 4WDriving.

ARB soft connect shackle

ARB snatch Strap

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