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Fraser Island Fire Continues To Burn


A bushfire most likely caused by an illegal campfire over a month ago is still burning on Fraser Island, forcing people to evacuate. After a heatwave hit South East Queensland this weekend and the bushfire got close to Cathedrals campsite authorities told campers to leave. 

The campground manager of Cathedrals said that there was a fair amount of ash falling over the site and on the island. 

Several campsites and a ranger station have been closed and force-evacuated. Rural Fire Service Director Michael Koch said it’s unlikely that they will be able to put the fire out without the help of natural forces, serious rain. 

“About half of the island has burned,” Said Koch to ABC News this weekend. 

Source: ABC News

In an update on Saturday, the QFES said that the fire was travelling southerly to Happy Valley. The small regional township was told to be ready and alert, but that their property was most likely safe. So far no homes or infrastructure have been damaged due to the bushfires. 

Some sites might still be closed over Christmas but as of right now the blaze isn’t a danger to anyone. There have been no new updates on the fire since the 15th of November but the warning level is still at advice. If you still wish to visit Fraser Island make sure you’re keeping up to date with the Rural Fire Service and the QLD Fire and Emergency Services.

Feature photo source: facebook.com/Marea Turville

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