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These hyper-realistic lures from Savage Gear have taken the world by storm and now it’s Australia’s turn! Sammy Hitzke gives us the rundown on the latest lures from Savage Gear, with a couple tips and tricks along the way.

Picking the right lure can be an arduous task as there are so many lures available on the market today. With all the different styles, shapes, sizes and colours, selecting a good lure can become a bit overwhelming. Today, we’re going to share with you the Savage Gear Hard Body Swim Baits range and what they can do.
Savage Gear
The latest lures from Savage Gear

Savage Gear Hard Body Swimbaits

Very new to the market, these Sim Baits can be used for a number of different situations.  These Savage Gear lures are designed by a team of worldwide anglers who seek the biggest and toughest fish, so these lures need to be able to handle and withstand the strength of the predator fish you’re trying to catch.

Flat sided 3D Roach Jerkster

These baitfish lures have incredible detail and imitation. They have great side-to-side action on jerk and twitch and big sliding action on a steady retrieve. They offer insane provoking action and a big side flash which is simply too hard for a predator fish to resist. You have the ability to change the sink rate and sound of the lure with the unique chamber accessed from the back of the lure. This brilliant concept allows you to go from slow sink to medium sink, silent to very noisy.

Savage Gear Hard Lures
Flat Sided Jerkster Lure

3D Shine Glide Bait

Moving gently through the water, these shine glide lures have an unmatched swimming action that is a 3D model of an actual shiner. Featuring durable single jointing, it allows the lure to move from side-to-side with a slight twitch to the rod tip. These Shine Glide Bait lures appeals to a number of gamefish from largemouth to musky. Providing big fish action and realistic design, these lures are fitted with premium split rings and razor-sharp trebles.

Hard Lure Shine Glide Bait
3D Shine Glide Bait

3D Roach Lipster

Designed for stop and go retrieve, these Lipster lures have the liveliest and provoking swimming action. With a restricted tail joint and PVC tail, they give a great bounce and kick whilst in the water. These lures offer great roll and side flashes at fast and slow speed. The Lipsters are also mounted with super sharp Y-Trebles.

Savage Gear Hard Lure
3D Roach Lipster Hard Lure

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